How to change the default browser on your BlackBerry

“How do you change the default browser from the blackberry one to a 3rd party browser app?”

The short answer is: you can’t. This is one functionality I wish existed with the Blackberry OS. It would be nice to fire up your favorite Browser when clicking a link from within an email, text or other 3rd party application. There are other browsers out there that I think blow the native Blackberry browser out of the water in terms of function such as Bolt and Opera Mini but unfortunately RIM hasn’t given us the option to change this as of yet! RIM are you listening?

Thanks for the questions Ryan!

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3 Responses to “How to change the default browser on your BlackBerry”

  1. 1 brendon

    It maybe the case for you but my blackberry storm has 3 browsers installed. Blackberry, IE and firefox. Firefox is my browser of choice because a site I frequent does not work properly with the other two browsers

  2. 2 Guy Bridges

    This is a very misleading title for an article! It should be called “Can I change the default browser on my BlackBerry?”. Is that what is not what is being asked?
    Cool site and sites…I do enjoy the posted articles and videos. Thanks.

  3. 3 WPerry66

    I agree, the title was misleading considering the end result is that you cannot change the default browser. So I think the “How-to” should have been omitted.

    Also, brendon you are mistaken. You don’t have 3 browsers installed on your BB. There is only one browser, which is the default BB browser. The options you are talking about are settings which control how websites recognize your browser. Some sites work better with IE rather than Firefox and vise-versa. Currently Firefox does not have a mobile browser released for BB (yet, keep your fingers crossed).

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