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WES 2009: Follow the BoxTone Lounge on Twitter and win


lounge boxtone coveroo

We’re fast approaching WES 2009 and this year BoxTone is having a daily draw of laser etched BlackBerry cases by Coveroo. To win, you just have to follow @BoxTone_Lounge on Twitter and you might get randomly selected.

Once 1,000 Twits are following The Lounge, a random winner will be selected for a special prize.

Hope you win!

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Follow @BoxTone_Lounge on Twitter for your chance to win!

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Constant Connect syncs your BlackBerry and ThinkPad laptop


lenovo constant connect

Simon over at IntoMobile is reporting Lenovo will be launching their product Constant Connect for BlackBerry. Constant Connect is a card for ThinkPad laptops which allows you to connect you BlackBerry via Bluetooth and keep your Outlook synced.

The card has 500MB of storage and will transmit data from up to 30ft. As long as your Bluetooth is connected, Constant Connect will make sure you are synced even while your computer is in sleep mode.

While not available outside of the US, the Constant Connect card is available for $150.

[Simon Via]

Everything you need to know about OS 5.0 features


OS 5.0

OS 5.0 has been leaked for a little while now and you may be running it on your BlackBerry Bold or Curve 8900. The video and screenshots we’ve seen have shown some pretty good improvements and features. Simple things such as a loading bar vs the white screen of death make OS 5.0 a healthy improvement.

Click through for more details about features and improvements in OS 5.0

(Rumor) BlackBerry Tour hitting Verizon in July


BlackBerry Niagara

The BlackBerry Niagara, now called the BlackBerry Tour, is rumored to hit Verizon in July. Pricing is expected to be $199 with a 2 year contract as well.

If this device is going to be announced at WES, it would be a considerable wait from announcement to release. Keep in mind that delays are always expected and mid-July to August is just as likely.

In any case, if you’re on Verizon, get ready for a sweet device launch this summer!


Social networking and RIM – value, trust and moving forward


cluetrainn manifesto

The Cluetrain Manifesto is a book written 10 years ago and it describes the way in which businesses and social networks interact for the greatest amount of utility. The book starts off with 95 theses that describe how businesses should use social networks to their advantage, or be overtaken by other companies who simply get it. Thomas Petzinger, Jr. of The Wall Street Journal, sums up the ideas nicely in the forward:

The idea that business, at bottom, is fundamentally human. That engineering remains second-rate without aesthetics. That natural, human conversation is the true language of commerce. That corporations work best when the people on the inside have the fullest contact possible with the people on the outside.

Keith McCarthur is the social networking coordinator for Rogers and Fido and he originally contacted me about We talked about the challenges bloggers face when interacting with carriers. Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I discovered his project to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the Cluetrain Manifesto by having 95 bloggers write a post on one of the Cluetrain Manifesto theses. As my experience is blogging in the smartphone industry, I chose a thesis I felt fitting for those experiences.
Continue reading about the Cluetrain Manifesto applied to RIM and BlackBerry

Zenprise explains BES outages in Europe


I just got an email from Ahmed at Zenprise about the BES outages today in Europe. Today, a Zenprise customer in the UK got an alert from Zenprise at 13:32 that the RIM SRP network went down. That network looked to be back up and running around 15:00. One of Zenprise’s US customers supports users in Europe and received an alert at roughly the same time, but service for them was restored at 14:13.

Zenprise helps BES administrators cut down support tickets by using automation. This system was well demonstrated today.

One of the automated diagnostics that their product runs before triggering an alert is to run a network protocol to port 3101 to test RIM connectivity (that’s the port the BES server talks to the RIM network on). It looks like one of the advertised IP addresses of the RIM network went down, and the traffic was rerouted to the secondary IP address. The propagation of the DNS changes may have taken some time, which is why some customers saw service restore faster than others.

Thanks again to Zenprise for the information.