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RIM outages across Europe – send in your status updates


I just got off the phone with Ahmed from Zenprise. Their clients are reporting some fairly widespread outages on RIM’s network across Europe.

If you are in Europe, let us know what your BlackBerry service has been like today.


Zimbra Connector for BES provides enterprise grade sync (free trial)


Zimbra Connector for BES

Zimbra Mobile is an OTA sync solution for your mail, contacts, calendar and task data. Zimbra Mobile is an optional component add-on purchased for Zimbra Collaboration Suite Network Edition and works ‘out-of-the-box’ with supported devices (just enter the Zimbra Server address and your user name, similarly to how you’d configure Microsoft Exchange).

Zimbra Connector for BES gives you all your syncing needs straight to your BES. The solution intended for those organizations who wish to migrate from legacy to a new messaging and collaboration platform that supports up to 50 devices.

Key features include:

* Over-the-air synchronization of mail, address book, calendar in the native BlackBerry UI
* Sync to all BlackBerry devices
* Full access to Zimbra GAL
* Search messages
* Open / view attachments
* Manage calendar events; accept / decline meetings
* Administrators add / provision users directly in the BlackBerry Administration Console
* Support for up to 50 devices

ZC for BES has closed their Beta and is now generally available.

Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) Network Edition Professional is available to you as a free 60 day trial.

Zimbra Network Edition (and trial) customers who have Zimbra Mobile may use Zimbra Connector for BES free of charge, and it is fully supported by the Zimbra team.


Block spam text messages with TextGuard



Spam is making big headway on smartphones. Spam blockers haven’t totally adapted to mobile yet and spam is taking advantage. To combat the surge in text message spam, TextGuard effective blocks unwanted text messages sent to your mobile device.

The utility monitors and tracks all messages and archives them on a central server, which is accessible for later retrieval through a website admin panel. TextGuard offers 3 different plans designed for individuals, businesses and corporations.

After installing the utility and registering, you can monitor all your incoming messages that are being passed through their server. Call records are also saved on the server, allowing users to block certain numbers if they do not want to receive text messages or calls from them. The server provided easy access to all the information, which can be organized and retrieved later on. This makes the application both an effective spam blocker, and a handy recording tool.

Are you getting spam on your mobile? Please no Viagara link comments.

Users can register online and download the 30 day free trial of the software.



BlackBerry media sync solution doubleTwist goes 2.0


doubleTwist is an excellent sync solution considering it’s free. The fact that it has Mac integration makes it also really helpful for Mac and BlackBerry users. The application is now at the 2.0 Beta stage with better support for both Windows and Mac.

Updates and features include:

  • Faster! Enjoy our completely revamped, snappier user interface. Play any video, Sync to any device and Send to any friend — in seconds.
  • Easier! We redesigned doubleTwist to make it more intuitive. Syncing playlists, movies, and browsing through all your important and not-so-important photos and videos is now easier than ever.
  • More Devices! You can now sync to the iPhone, iPod, Sony PSP, Android G1, BlackBerry Bold, Storm and hundreds of other devices.

Download your FREE copy of doubleTwist for your BlackBerry media syncing needs.



Viigo and Federated Media bring Best of the Web to your BlackBerry


Viigo and Federated Media are getting you access to all the most important media and news updates from around the web. Various categories are assembled by the editorial team at FM, and brought to you live on Viigo. You choose from categories such as Gadgets, Marketing, Parenting, Small Business, Tech News, Video Games, Design, Graphics Arts, Automotive and Computers and the updates are pushed to your device as they happen.

Download Viigo for your BlackBerry device.


RIM makes BlackBerry Unite! no longer available


blackberry unite

It has been a while coming but BlackBerry Unite! is no longer available from RIM.

BlackBerry Unite! was going to be the ultimate enterprise grade sharing tool. With the ability to share calendars, assist with user control over devices and implement desktop to BlackBerry file transfers, BlackBerry Unite! was going to be an important tool.

Recently, we’ve been hearing about BlackBerry Groups. BlackBerry Groups is the new BlackBerry Unite! and in anticipation of the news, RIM is shutting down the old to make way for the new.

Please be aware that BlackBerry® Unite! is no longer available for
download. RIM plans to continue support for current BlackBerry Unite!
customers until July 2, 2010. For more information about other
BlackBerry solutions for small business, visit the BlackBerry Solution Wizard.

I can’t wait to see BlackBerry Groups be everything that BlackBerry Unite! never was.


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