Protect emails and attachments against risk of data loss

Liquid Machines, is a company dealing in Enterprise Rights Management (ERM) solutions, and they have unveiled a major release of its Liquid Machines Gateway for the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution. The Liquid Machines Gateway adds advanced features that allow persistent protection of attachments saved in more than 400 different file formats. In this release, Liquid Machines has also added support for the latest BlackBerry devices.

Mobile access to real-time communications and data can increase the risk of a loss of confidential enterprise information such as intellectual property and other trade secrets. To help solve this problem, the Liquid Machines Gateway extends Microsoft AD RMS information protection to a BlackBerry in conjunction with the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, enabling customers to persistently protect emails and attachments with encryption and usage controls that travel with the data. This persistent protection ensures that mobile communications, which may include executive and board communications, customer data, intellectual property and human resources information, can only be viewed by authorized users.

Unlike some mobile data protection tools that only secure the data at rest on the device or during transmission, Liquid Machines persistently protects emails and attachments at the user-level by restricting unauthorized actions such as view, forward, reply, select/paste, and can automatically expire content based on corporate usage and retention policies.

According to Gartner Analyst John Girard in the report Pay for Mobile Data Encryption Upfront, or Pay More Later: “The cost to mitigate a single compromised data record is comparable to or greater than the seat cost of a mobile data protection (encryption) tool, and mitigation costs likely will increase as fines and public sensitivity increase, and as more countries consider disclosure laws…. The bottom line is that a significant number of PCs and media devices carrying business data will not be properly encrypted and are fated to cause disasters for companies and the individuals who are affected. The odds suggest that this will happen to your organization, whether it is small, midsize or large.… The existence of an analysis developed with your company’s business processes as the focus makes the risks to mobile data impossible to deny, and will set the foundation for encryption across all systems, including all instances of removable media, PDAs, smartphones, desktops and servers.”

Liquid Machines enables users to protect new or previously unprotected messages with AD RMS policies directly from a BlackBerry smartphone. Major new and enhanced features in the Liquid Machines Gateway include:

Persistent Protection of Emails on BlackBerry Smartphones helps to prevent the loss of confidential information contained in email. Additional enforcement capabilities can help to block the leakage of sensitive data by preventing the user from using the cut/copy/paste function as well as preventing the user from forwarding emails to people outside of their corporate network.

Secure Attachment Handling enables BlackBerry users to email confidential documents and files with the added protection of AD RMS. The attachments are encrypted, persistently protecting them while at rest, in transit and in use on a BlackBerry smartphone. Authorized users can be prevented from forwarding data from attachments by disallowing the use of the clipboard (i.e. cut, copy, paste), SMS or PIN messaging or removable storage (i.e. microSD/SDHC).

More Than 400 Files Types are supported by the Liquid Machines Gateway. Using Microsoft Outlook, Liquid Machines enables users to send more than 400 different file types as attachments protected using AD RMS. These file types include text, graphic, word processing, spreadsheets, presentation, CAD, database and email. Examples of supported file types include those from the following applications: Adobe Reader, FrameMaker, Lotus AMI Pro, Corel WordPerfect, StarOffice, WordStar, MacWrite, Paint Shop, Corel Draw, Photoshop, Illustrator, Micrografx, OpenOffice, Visio, Lotus 123, Access, Paradox, Outlook, and Yahoo IM.

Support for new BlackBerry devices running BlackBerry OS v4.1 and above. Liquid Machines adds support for the latest BlackBerry devices including the BlackBerry Storm, BlackBerry Bold, BlackBerry Curve series, BlackBerry Pearl and BlackBerry Pearl Flip.

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