RIM launches official BlackBerry blog called ‘Inside BlackBerry’

Yesterday I wrote an article about social networking and RIM, talking about some of the things I’d like to see from RIM in terms of interacting with the blogosphere.

Well they’ve just now launched their own official BlackBerry blog. Here’s why:

So why are we doing this?
Because we believe we can make a valuable contribution to the conversation. We do have a slight advantage, after all — smartphones are our life and work.

I’m looking forward to seeing what types of blog posts are up. Between BlackBerry Cool, CrackBerry, BerryReview, RIMarkable and IntoMobile, there is a ton of competition. Are they going to be releasing leaks? Because that’s just not fair. Way to go RIM!

Here is more info from their “About” page:

What this blog is about

Through our listening we’ve learned that you care most about discovering how to get more out of your device, so we’ve assembled a team of experts who will provide tips and advice to help you achieve this.

We have Sean who is our social applications expert, Sanjay who is our IM guru and Mark who is everything email. We also have Andrey who is the desktop software pro, Mike and Riz who are our handheld software specialists, and Annu who works on handheld hardware.

We know this blog is not just about our perspective. So, we will take every opportunity to connect you to the great conversations and expertise already being shared online.

What this blog isn’t about

We’re excited to begin contributing to the conversation, but that said, this isn’t the place to discuss topics like unreleased products, financial and forward-looking statements, service outages or carrier matters. Besides, these are matters where our topic experts aren’t, well, the experts.

3 Responses to “RIM launches official BlackBerry blog called ‘Inside BlackBerry’”

  1. 1 nemo-maritime

    I have seen that a lot of private sector companies are launching blogs, and most have been for some time. Sadly I doubt RIM will be releasing any leaks :p, but are going to be lame and post things after we hear about them here and elsewhere a month before lol

  2. 2 Mark

    Conspicuously absent is the Blackberry Web guy. When is RIM going to get a clue?

  3. 3 MeP (Miguel E Puente)

    RT: @BlackBerryCool RIM launches official BlackBerry blog called ?Inside BlackBerry? http://bit.ly/w4Ykx

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