RIM removes first application from App World

When Apple’s App Store launched it started pulling certain apps from the store that violated their terms of service. This was a real pain for some developers who felt that Apple wasn’t being clear enough about the rules. Well it seems RIM is in a similar situation and has removed their first application.

Wattpad’s eReader was one of the first applications to go live on RIM’s BlackBerry App World—and now it’s one of the first to be taken down over concerns about copyright infringement. Wattpad is a user-generated content site which lets people upload their own stories to share, and suffers the same problem most user-generated sites have of people uploading content they that’s copyrighted. It’s unclear whether the application was removed due to a specific complaint or a general uneasiness over its content—RIM’s vendor guidelines don’t mention user-generated content, but they do dwell on the importance of complying with intellectual property law.


3 Responses to “RIM removes first application from App World”

  1. 1 Roneel

    i also noticed that the facebook application is not on there anymore ..it was when it launched but not anymore

  2. 2 JerryD

    Correct Roneel!

    The day it was released, Facebook was listed, but it was removed the next day and still hasn’t reappeared!

    Wish they’d post the new version!

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