(Rumor) Skyfire mobile browser to hit BlackBerry very soon

Back at CTIA last year we posted about Skyfire, a mobile web browser that is really slick. The browser supports Ajax, Flash, Silverlight and it runs faster than Opera and Safari Mobile. When we posted about it, readers weren’t very happy with us because it wasn’t BlackBerry compatible.

According to a LinkedIn thread, they are very close to offering BlackBerry compatibility.

Skyfire has just begun the alpha test for Blackberry devices. In a first moment this will cover Bold, Curve, Pearl and the 8830.

We should expect to see a press release about Skyfire for BlackBerry very soon so get ready.

11 Responses to “(Rumor) Skyfire mobile browser to hit BlackBerry very soon”

  1. 1 Nikolaus

    I was unlucky not to get into the Alpha test. I can’t wait to get this on my 8900!

  2. 2 Nick

    I’m even unluckier, I have a storm. This is going to take a while, hopefully they started working on it as well. I love skyfire. I have it on my WinMo phone and it really does what it promises. I think it would look even better on the Storm, and this would pretty much be THE browser after the launch. Hopefully more is released at WES 2009.

  3. 3 weruva_bff (Anthony G)

    blackberry people - This is supposed to be the browser for mobile goodness…coming soon - Skyfire mobile http://bit.ly/rAKu9

  4. 4 RandomGuy123

    skyfire has been around for winmo for ages…finally bb users can rejoice! full java/flash on my bold…lets hope when its avail for bb, ATT doesnt gay me over with sum data cap even tho i have “unlimited”. ill be rocking 420p hulu on my BOLD KIID!!!

  5. 5 yogirl

    I loved Skyfire when I was a WinMo user. It was the only thing I missed when I moved to BlackBerry last year.

  6. 6 dgftest

    Thanks for the YouTube demo and informative update re: BB timeline and BB models covered. As I mentioned on technosurfer , the flash is nice but the AUDIO streaming onto WinMo speakerphone, in my experience is outstanding too :)

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