Win a year subscription to Slacker Radio for BlackBerry

Slacker Radio Plus

Slacker provides a three part music personalization suite, which includes an internet radio, desktop music player and portable music device. Slacker Radio is giving away a full year long subscription to their Plus service which includes:

  • Unlimited Skips
  • Unlimited Song Requests
  • No Audio or Banner Ads
  • Complete Lyrics - NEW!
  • Over 2 Million Songs

All you have to do is enter to drop a comment at CrunchGear and they’ll pick a winner Friday.

12 Responses to “Win a year subscription to Slacker Radio for BlackBerry”

  1. 1 Rick

    o man this site does so much i dont even care if i win
    this prod is good

  2. 2 elizabeth

    This is the best radio on my blackberry! I have 22 cache stations on my phone! Love it love it! The paid version will be awesome!then I could see the lyrics and understand the artist better. Since I have a little heari
    ng. This will help! Wish I get a chance to win this!

  3. 3 ed

    The most recent release is now barely isable on my curve but I still suffer reboots 1 of ever 5 times I use it. Still, it’s a great product for the price, no doubt. It also keeps getting more stable with each release so I have high hopes. If it were more stable I would pay for a sub.

  4. 4 Oscar Hentschel

    Pick Me

  5. 5 Paul

    Would love a free year of Slacker, has to be one of the best apps for the storm..It’s awesome!

  6. 6 casper663

    I use it all the time even on the road with my 8900 i would like to have that unlimited skip feature i congratulate the winner.


    I just got my BB storm and downloaded slacker, so far so good.

  8. 8 Jake

    i so hope i win! i could really use this at work!

  9. 9 Syrah64

    How cool…slacker plus free for a year! Sign me up!

  10. 10 Keadabeada

    This is an awesome app, that I can’t believe is free. Slacker Plus would just be the icing on the cake.

  11. 11 Bill

    Slacker will put Sirius XM out of business. I love it!

  12. 12 Brent

    Love Slacker.

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