Victoria Day statutory holiday in Canada

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The Canadian government insists that BlackBerry Cool shut down for a day in order to build our content and relax the creative nodes in our brains.

Victoria Day is a Canadian statutory holiday celebrated on the Monday preceding May 24. It honors Queen Victoria’s birthday.

Since the British have been run out of town, Victoria Day is also commonly called the May 2-4 weekend and it marks the unofficial start of the cottage season where 2-4 cases of beer are consumed by hard working Canadians.

Happy Beer Day.

  • DavidB
    You guys celebrate the birthday of a Queen from a couple hundred years back? Why? What she do so special for Canada? Or is she the inventor of beer or something??? :)
  • BlackBerryCool (BlackBerry Coo
    Victoria Day statutory holiday in Canada
  • John DeBusk
    lol lazy ass ;) JK
  • Stuart D. Ward
    Your Beer Store add is an insult to Queen Victoria's memory and the day set aside to remember her.
  • JonV
    Funny, I'm having a beer now while I'm reading this on Victoria Day!
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