What to do if your BlackBerry gets water damage


BlackBerry Curve

If your BlackBerry gets covered in water, don’t worry. It’s not the end of the world and if you act fast and rationally, you can save your device.

    1. Pull out the battery.
    2. Put your device near sunlight.
    3. Rotate your device so all sides get sunlight.
    4. Leave it near sunlight for 24 hours. Some suggest in a bowl of uncooked rice or with silica gel packs.
    5. Do NOT put your battery back until the 24 hours are up.
    6. After 24 hours, put the battery back in and power on.

After following these steps, your BlackBerry should be just fine. If it doesn’t work, don’t bother trying to scam a new one from RIM. RIM has some really incredible CSI techniques to determine what exactly has happened to your BlackBerry and will know if you’re lying.

I’ve heard about RIM using some advanced testing methods to determine that a user, when asked whether he spilled anything on his device, was in fact lying and had spilled Diet Coke. The testing techniques were so sophisticated that they actually knew it was Diet in particular.

  • Jordanbadmagile1997

    today i drop my glass off coke on my blackberry cuvre in the tonight but then in the morning i took the battery out the put in on my heater,but i dont no what today

  • A Restorick

    have just washed my daughters brand new blackberry omg ! the flash light has come on but phone is dead any ideas? apart from running away before she comes back from school !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ninja_wifey

    Wat if u put the battery back in before 24hrs?

  • Chandnipatel12

    Hi, I spilt water on my blackberry, it’s turns on but it turns off half way. Any Suggestions.

  • Zoe-1234

    What should I do? I dropped it in a dogs bowl

  • Zoe-1234

    What should I do? I dropped it in a dogs bowl

  • Hlozing

    i dropped my bb in water and the battery has been in there for a couple of hours and i just took it out. can it still be fixed?

  • Cassie Smith

    ccalm down

  • Lottie<3

    I have dropped my blackberry bold touch in sink of water I dryer it wif hair dyer straight away…. It starts up turns on and everything but I can’t type anything like my password or anything any advise

  • ayushi

    my phone was in my pocket and my pocket got wet with some salt water but now the screen is not working… bb ppl say it is irrepariable help guys wat to do……….:( and it is a new phone like two months old……

  • paige

    Hi, ive dropped my phone down the toilet but ive put it in rice for tweleve hours but it keep saying sim card error or failure what does that mean? Someone help me please? !!!

  • Gebrael Asrat

    ayushi I have the same problem yesterday. my phone is new less than week.
    Help help help

  • Georgia

    The few months ago I dropped my blackberry down the toilet and it survived! I am 15 so this is basically my whole life haha! Anyways what I did was took it out straight away, then removed everything including: phone case, SIM card, memory card then I hair dryerd it for about 5 mins and put it straight in a container full of uncooked rice all split up and leave it, and as you do, want to check every 2 seconds if it’s working, put the battery in to see if it worked after a few hours I done this, it worked then suddenly cut out! Dont do this as it can mess it up and may not work again. Then I put it in again and waited for another few hours and got it out and, I know this may sound weird but used the Hoover and tried to get all water out of the phone. Then I left it till the next morning, it wouldn’t turn on. So I just left it on charge, and obviously put all my sim battery and things in it, and came back about half hour later expecting to be disappointed and it was on! This happend about 6 months ago and it still works like normal, I hope this helps anyone thanks