BlackBerry Curve 8900 cracked keys get no support from Rogers

BlackBerry Curve 8900 soft keys

It seems the keys on either side of the trackball are cracking under stress. The above picture was sent in by a friend who uses his BlackBerry in a pro-user fashion, but not in any unusually abusive manner.

The crack seemed to be a manufacturing default and therefore Rogers would be under contract to replace the device. My friend took it the Rogers store where it was purchased, and they agreed that it was a problem, but said that I’d have to call tech support to get it fixed. After said person called tech support and after being asked several questions over and over again (asked for the BlackBerry model 3 times), he was told they had to check with another department and would call me back.

Tech support has said that the only way it was possible that the buttons broke, was if he pushed down hard on both at once. He explained that there are several 8900s around that all show the same stress, and there are many reports online as well. Despite this, he was told that if RIM does not tell them it is an issue, they cannot help.

So if this is the case, we would love to see some official word from RIM to Rogers. I can understand that RIM would avoid something like this because it could lead to a recall, but let’s at least let people who have cracked devices return them. It couldn’t be that many that it is worth avoiding. If anything, it will help people like my friend stay with the carrier as a loyal customer (which he has been for 6 years).

Are you experiencing similar cracks on your BlackBerry Curve 8900?

This issue is not an isolated case as can be seen on the CB forums.

4 Responses to “BlackBerry Curve 8900 cracked keys get no support from Rogers”

  1. 1 John DeBusk

    I wish RIM would have recalled the storm’s over tightened screen. Theres thousands of thous cases. And all you can do is if your past 30 days out get a refurb!

  2. 2 Bla1ze

    The only way to get anything done at Rogers is to threaten them with your loyalty..let em know they are not the only show in town, sure they may be the only GSM one currently, but not the only carrier.

    I have NEVER had an issue with Rogers replacing devices for me though, to me..I’d have hung up and gotten a different rep, if the account was noted that no exchange would be offered…escalate to a manager.

  3. 3 Ryan

    I work at Rogers blackberry

    try another agent (sad yes but ..) It can be replace for this

  4. 4 tom

    I have a cracked one also. Only the top so

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