BlackBerry Storm 2 aka BlackBerry Odin details roundup

Leaked pictures of the BlackBerry Storm 2, aka the BlackBerry Odin, have surfaced on CB, and have since been taken down. The device is looking really nice. With the flurry of complaints surrounding the released BlackBerry Storm, many users are worried the BlackBerry Storm 2 will be the phone they wished they’d originally purchased. This is very much going to be the case.

This leak is both bad and good news for RIM. The leak confirms a new BlackBerry Storm is on way, which will help generate a buzz until launch date, but it will also have a negative impact on the already launched BlackBerry Storm sales.

The upcoming BlackBerry Odin is rumored to feature GPS, WiFi and work on a GSM network. Rumors have claimed that the device offers a “new approach to text entry,” but from the pictures we aren’t seeing anything revolutionary.

Here is a quick breakdown of what we may or may not know about the BlackBerry Storm 2:

  • The buttons seem to be a big improvement.
  • Buttons are located on the touchscreen and not physical.
  • Buttons will be less susceptible to damage.
  • Side buttons seem to be rubber rather than plastic.
  • Device looks thinner.
  • Will likely still have SurePress.
  • They’ve might have added multiple contact points (physical buttons) underneath instead of relying on one big button in the center.


[Some unconfirmed details via Engadget]

12 Responses to “BlackBerry Storm 2 aka BlackBerry Odin details roundup”

  1. 1 DavidB

    But other than adding wifi, hard to see what about this is all the different from the current Storm, which would be a whole new device if Verizon would just get off their backsides and release an updated firmware.

  2. 2 MattT

    I am happy for RIM, but what we really need is just a firmware upgrade.
    Everything else is just minor tweeks which is to be expected.

  3. 3 CALYPSO

    hahahah DAVE BAKER!

  4. 4 k1w1s

    You claim its going to be gsm but the “activation required” would suggest cdma
    Good detective work guys

  5. 5 BlackBerryCool (BlackBerry Cool)

    BlackBerry Storm 2 aka BlackBerry Oden details roundup

  6. 6 lordnikonz (Wes)

    RT @BlackBerryCool BlackBerry Storm 2 aka BlackBerry Oden details roundup

  7. 7 thephoneboy (Steve Mason)

    BlackBerry Storm 2 aka BlackBerry Oden details roundup …

  8. 8 thephoneboy (Steve Mason)

    BlackBerry Storm 2 aka BlackBerry Oden details roundup …

  9. 9 hosney

    why bbstorm without wifi

  10. 10 Paul

    Let’s hope that current customers are not expected to purchase this. I’ve only had my Storm a couple of months.

  11. 11 Abbers

    No WIFI….Thats just the radio turned off in the corner aka flight/airplane mode.

  12. 12 Kevin chamberlin

    DavidB you said it just give us a OS that works I am sure others have had the same feeling to just chuck this phone out the window from time to time. enough is enough fix what you have. If 2 comes out that much better and nothing is done for the loyal original geeks that bought early. You will be readying of a carrier that had a very angry customer stuff his storm down someones throat. :(

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