Free BlackBerry app BlackLine GPS one-ups Google Latitude


This service isn’t necessarily new, but we’ve been posting a lot about GPS apps for BlackBerry and BlipPlus is a free app you might find fun. With BlipPlus, you can share your location with others using BlipPlus or friends can create free BlackLine account on the web.

BlipPlus allows users to choose the frequency of locations published to BlackLine’s Location Services Platform. Users may choose to have their location updated as frequently as every 15 minutes through to every two hours. At any time, a user may disable location publishing or change friend permissions from within the BlipPlus application.

To summarize, it’s like Google Latitude except with more functionality.

BlipPlus incorporates a new Event Publishing feature that allows users to geo-tag and share photos to others. Users can publish photos taken with their phone’s camera and share them to others along with a subject and comment. Friends receive an Event Notification when a new event is published and can view the photo, subject, note, and location online or from within BlipPlus.

Download BlackLine BlipPlus free for your BlackBerry.

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  1. 1 Miozoty

    I am trying top download Blackline GPS application, and it gives me an error message

  2. 2

    Same here link doesn’t work.

  3. 3 cheeko

    404 error isn’t a good app

  4. 4 BlackBerryCool (BlackBerry Cool)

    Free BlackBerry app BlackLine GPS one-ups Google Latitude

  5. 5 breden


  6. 6 LordShaper (Damian Smith)

    Free BlackBerry app BlackLine GPS one-ups Google Latitude

  7. 7 Brad

    Ya, the link put up is bust.

    Try from your mobile.

  8. 8 Robert

    Hello all,

    Try these links for the BlipPlus download. I’ve managed to download here.

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