Free BlackBerry file explorer BBFileScout updated

BBFileScout is a file explorer and zipping application that is really impressive, especially being free. With BBFileScout, you can view files, rename files, move files, hide files, zip filles and heck, even associate files to a specific application ie: .doc to Documents To Go. It also includes an integrated text viewer.

A BBFileScout v0.6.9 is released and you can download it OTA.


  • Hide and unhide files and directories via the File/Directory information popup
  • Option ‘Show filenames in Menus’ - enables/disables the display of current selected file in the #Menu (default on)


  • Fixed internal NullPointerException [when updating root]
  • Options: it’s now possible the remove a previously specified playlist directory (in order to disable the complete playlist functionality of BBFileScout)

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  1. 1 ed

    It’s not free unless you think it’s worthless or you lack honor.

  2. 2 BlackBerryCool (BlackBerry Cool)

    Free BlackBerry file explorer BBFileScout updated

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