IM+ partners with Yap for voice-to-text instant messaging

SHAPE has been getting some bad feedback about their IM clients but they’re listening and are making improvements to their applications. Their latest update to IM+ for BlackBerry includes voice-to-text functionality powered by Yap.

With the latest speech recognition technology, users will be able to dictate their instant messages and send them as text to their contacts in Facebook, AIM/iChat, MSN/Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo!, ICQ, Jabber, Google Talk and MySpaceIM.

Although I would use this product, it’s fun to joke about the social awkwardness surrounding voice-to-text instant messaging. What about the conversations you text that you don’t want people hearing? Let’s hope SEXting doesn’t make its way to voice-to-text.

I’ll let you know when a Beta version is out for you to try.


2 Responses to “IM+ partners with Yap for voice-to-text instant messaging”

  1. 1 Igor Jablokov

    Kyle, it won’t be any more socially awkward than what people experience using Nextel’s push-to-talk systems today. Some that have played with the alphas have called it wickedly addictive, so looking forward to your enjoying it soon!

  2. 2 BlackBerryCool (BlackBerry Cool)

    IM+ partners with Yap for voice-to-text instant messaging

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