Manage assets by barcode and serial with AssetRelay for BlackBerry

assetrelay for blackberry

MobileVision will be launching software-only or software with hardware bundles that are literally one tenth the cost of many well-known asset solutions.

AssetRelay allows the user to manage any asset by barcode or serial number. Once the assets are recorded, you can have items structured by items in, items out, transfers or actions. Preset configurations are available for your line of business or you can customize your own in a few clicks online.

MobileVision offers Bluetooth and cabled mini-USB hardware options for barcode scanning and signature capture, plus internal GPS support for location awareness. The hardware and software bundles come with full Internet backend management and reporting. The product also features simple integration to any inventory, dispatching or invoicing system through universal standards like web services.

For more information and purchase details, see the MobileVision site.

2 Responses to “Manage assets by barcode and serial with AssetRelay for BlackBerry”

  1. 1 Tim Empire

    Finally, an alternative to the ridiculously expensive brick all-in-ones from Symbol and Intermec. Went to the site. Not much there. I also saw a combined scanner and sig cap pad (Linea?) similar to the EnterMo device. This is very interesting, indeed. Any ETA for launch?

    ~ Tim

  2. 2 Kyle

    Hey Tim,

    I don’t have an ETA for launch yet but MobileVision has sent out the product for demo/review.

    We’ll be posting an in-depth look at AssetRelay soon.

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