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Time tracking software momentem updates and interview


Terry Hughes Momentem

It’s been a few months since Doug and Nan here at BlackBerry Cool came across a really useful app and service, called momentem. The guys loved the app and wrote a reallu positive review at the time. I recently sat down for an interview with Terry Hughes, the President of the company that offers the momentem service, to find out what progress has been made since then.

BBCool Kyle: Terry, remind the readers what momentem is all about.

Terry Hughes: It’s a clever combination of handset software coupled with a SaaS (software as a service). It allows BlackBerry users to tag and allocate their calls and other mobile activity to clients, projects, billable, etc. Our subscribers use momentem on a daily basis to either recover more of their mobile costs, account for their time, or make sense of their mobile phone bill. It’s instantly downloadable, the user is up and running within 9 minutes, there’s no set-up or integration required, and there’s an immediate payback.
Continue reading about momentem and updates surrounding the company and product

Americans and BlackBerry devices dominate mobile web browsing



Opera has a regular research paper called State of the Mobile Web, and today they’ve published the most recent update. In addition to the top global trends and country snapshots, the report highlights trends in Africa and aggregate operator data for the top 10 countries.

The two biggest findings in this report show that Americans consume the most data intensive web pages, with BlackBerry devices being the choice platform for power users.

Global trends for Opera found in the report include:

  • In April 2009, Opera Mini had over 23.4 million users, up more than 140% compared to April 2008.
  • Opera Mini users viewed nearly 8.7 billion pages in April 2009. Since April 2008, page views have increased 249%.
  • Last month, Opera Mini users generated more than 151 million MB of data for operators worldwide. Data in Opera Mini is compressed up to 90%. If this data were uncompressed, Opera Mini users would have viewed up to 1.4 PB of data in April. Over the previous year, data traffic is up 295%.
  • Opera Mini usage in Nigeria continues to surge, pushing past Poland and taking the #9 spot.

Click through to see an interesting breakdown of mobile web research from Opera

Study shows pizza and entertainment driving mobile purchases


Mobile web purchasing habits

Billing Revolution and Harris Interactive have some interesting survey data regarding the purchase habits of mobile based consumers. The data shows some significant trends along gender lines, income, education, and even preferences when it comes to specific items like pizza, tickets and entertainment. 

Here’s a snapshot of some survey results:

  • 93% of U.S. adults (93%) own a cell phone, and nearly half of these adults (45%) think it’s at least somewhat safe to make a purchase through their cell phone with 26% saying they think it’s fairly or very safe to do so.
  • Nearly half of cell phone owners (46%) would be willing to make purchases this way.
  • Of those who would be willing to make purchases through their cellphone, (75%) would be willing to buy entertainment items, such as movie/event tickets (58%), music (41%), mobile video or TV content (24%) and games (34%).Many would also purchase food/drink items (68%) such as pizza (59%), fast food (42%), and/or coffee (25%), and over half (55%) would be willing to purchase hotel rooms (43%) and/or tickets for travel (40%) this way.
  • Read the full research data from Billing Revolution and Harris Interactive

    Skyfire BlackBerry client official announcement this summer


    Skyfire has released their 1.0 version for Windows Mobile and Symbian, and they’re one step closer to a BlackBerry beta. The BlackBerry alpha is officially acknowledged in their press release, and the only official word from Skyfire is that they “will have an announcement this summer.”

    If you have a WinMo or Symbian phone, you can get an idea of what the BlackBerry client will be like by downloading it from

    Over one million consumers have installed and used the Skyfire browser in just under five months, making it the fastest growing downloadable mobile browser in North America.

    So far, the official line from Skyfire is vague but promising:

    Skyfire has plans to bring their browser to more smartphones and recently launched a Private Closed Alpha program for the BlackBerry platform. The company will announce plans for a Public BlackBerry Beta at a later date.

    This step will offer an approximate twenty-one million BlackBerry users the opportunity to finally be able to access the PC web on their phone.

    Click through to learn about Skyfire 1.0 and get some insight into the BlackBerry client

    Solitaire Collection for BlackBerry with 250 game varieties



    Solitaire is a great game with a ton of varieties. The game ports really well to BlackBerry due to the trackball and it’s a good game for those long business flights or commutes.

    Can’t Stop Solitaire Collection for BlackBerry has put together 250 solitaire game varieties in one package. This solitaire collection includes all the well-known games such as Freecell, Klondike, Pyramid, Spider, Joker, Canfield, Carpet, Yukon and many you may have never heard of.

    Features include:

    • Detailed rules, animated demonstration and on-device help for each game
    • A variety of card backs and backgrounds.
    • Hints on available moves in the case of complicated game situations.
    • Statistics of games played and games won.
    • All Solitaire games are sorted in alphabetical order.
    • Possibility to create a list of favorite games to make navigation easier.
    • Bookmarks on a card layout.
    • Undo feature lets you back up moves.
    • Possibility to install the game to expansion cards.

    Purchase Can’t Stop Solitaire Collection for $17.95 or on a free trial.


    BlackBerry file sharing solutions from Enterprise File System Inc


    Enterprise File System screenshot

    There are several file sharing systems available to corporate users such as Cortado, and each will provide a competitive advantage over the others. Depending on your organization’s needs, it’s important to evaluate each for its strengths and weaknesses.

    One of these systems is Enterprise File System (EFS). EFS lets you create folders, copy and paste documents between remote systems, delete documents and folders and email remote or local documents.
    Click through for a synopsis of functionality and features with EFS