Top 3 tips for respecting the BlackBerry brand

If you’ve ever read a RIM or RIM partner press release, you will notice that RIM legal as well as RIM marketing insist that the word “BlackBerry” is always written as “BlackBerry® smartphones” or “BlackBerry® smartphone device.” The reason for this, is that RIM branding wants to separate itself from the rest of the mobile phone market. Although I’m not a big fan of the registered trademark logo, or writing the stock symbol, there are still some branding issues I think are important.

Here are my top 3 tips when using the BlackBerry brand:

1. It’s a mobile computer not a fruit.

Many journalists, make the mistake of writing the plural form of BlackBerry as “BlackBerries.” The plural form of BlackBerry is ‘BlackBerry devices’ or ‘BlackBerry smartphones.’

2. There are 2 capital letters.

Again, the BlackBerry is not a fruit which only takes a capital at the beginning of a sentence. BlackBerry is a brand name with 2 capital letters.

3. A BlackBerry device is not a mobile phone.

A RAZR is a mobile phone. Anything made by Sony Ericsson is a mobile phone. A BlackBerry is not a mobile phone. The BlackBerry stands alone as a powerful device for enterprise and prosumers. If a group of devices are to be mentioned in a sentence, BlackBerry must stand alone. For example, “please submit your pagers, mobile phones, BlackBerry devices and laptops.”

Although this may all seem petty, it’s about time that the Internet knows how to properly refer to the device.

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  1. 1 Caspan

    I agree 100%. People ask me all the time. “Don’t you have a cell phone?” I say nope I have a BlackBerry and they look at me like don’t be an ass.

    I’m glad someone else sees the difference.

  2. 2 ThaWiz

    Like I always say, This thing is a BlackBerry first, and a phone second.

  3. 3 lame

    This is quite possibly one of the THE most useless AND inaccurate “blog” posts I’ve ever read.

    BlackBerry’s own marketing materials and official documentation calls a BlackBerry a mobile phone first.

    Go ahead, go to your local bookstore, pick up the official BlackBerry magazine and it will tell you right there in the intro pages that a BlackBerry is, first, a mobile phone.

    Seriously, this blog posts is a total waste of space, inaccurate, and pure masturbation.

  4. 4 Fabian

    Love this blogpost!
    So true!

    Last time in the plane, the stewardess said to me: please switch off your mobile phone - i was like: it’s not a mobile phone. then she: OK, sorry sir. HAHA. in your face, stewardess!

  5. 5 Kyle

    Here is a spam email I got today:

    “We are the mobile parts china electronic technology(shenzhen)Ltd. we are the wholesaler for mobile phone accessorie.

    we are located the shenzhen of china.and I have attached the pricelist for blacbkerry accessories.please kindly to reference it.thanks !”

    I wonder when the blacbkerry Storm 2 launches?

  6. 6 CrackBaby®


    I keep reading these sites cause I’m waiting for an official OS upgrade that will make my “BlackBerry Mobile smartphone®tm”, or whatever you insist on calling it, usable as a phone.

    Reading Wikipedia and news on it are sweet. It has a big enough display (it’s a Storm®), and thats cool. I bought it because I prefer to write sms and mail instead of talking to people. So to me its like a tiny computer more than a phone.
    Actually I tend to lose most of my calls (at least 10%) since the software kind of hangs long enough for calls to be rejected when the phone rings. That is of course only if I keep it in my pocket with the screen lock on. And the solution to this problem is simple: just unlock it shortly before someone calls. Or call back as soon as it stops ringing, and the memory is free for the screenlock function to unlock.

    I am also surprised by the amount of time that I spend unreachable while the device boots after I take out the battery (which doesnt seem to be an inconvenience to BlackbeRRy® users, other than me) several times a day. Wouldnt it be better to make these things with a switch, like on a good old flashlight?

    So yes, it is a phone second to being a device.

    I certainly hope that the guys at RIM dont get distracted by any programming or debugging while they consider the correct pluralization of their devices…

  7. 7 chaosmarine (Andrew Ambrose)

    RT @BlackBerryCool: Top 3 tips for respecting the BlackBerry brand

  8. 8 pinkmotown (Paula)

    Ha, RIM gets fiesty! ;cP RT @BlackBerryCool: Top 3 tips for respecting the BlackBerry brand

  9. 9 All_About_Giana (Giana Luciano)

    RT @BlackBerryCool Top 3 tips for respecting the BlackBerry brand

  10. 10 eleftheriag (eleftheriag)

    RT @BlackBerryCool Top 3 tips for respecting the BlackBerry brand - still laughing

  11. 11 IceySmurfette (Nicole)

    I promise to show respect to my beloved BlackBerry!! RT @BlackBerryCool: Top 3 tips for respecting the BlackBerry brand

  12. 12 Johnluffa

    This is great… I say this all time to non BB users.
    I like the second point…
    Fantastic Post


  13. 13 Aniya

    I found this really interesting reading, so much so I have credited you on my blog, I did a similar article a few months back, and really like this theory!

  14. 14 Ed

    LOL bro. you must love you BBs bad enough to publish something like that. Its cool, I see no problems ;)

  15. 15 Xandrex

    BIS and BES do not Exist either, people have to use “BlackBerry Internet Services” and “BlackBerry Enterprise Server”.

    It’s SureType and not Suretype, same for SurePress.

    It can be ridiculous when reading the page about it, but it’s only the least legal wording they are obliged to do. I wouldn’t want any administration making typographical errors on my family name.

    there is sometimes a dark side : it is forbidden to name an application **Berry or Berry** . If you do, you can’t get into AppWorld.

  16. 16 Fabian

    @xandrex, you are so right!
    It so sad that one can’t name apps in AppWorld with the name ‘berry’. come on RIM, loosen up!

  17. 17 Anirban

    Very true, I face situations where people don’t understand that blackberry is not just a phone. Which also means that they are unaware of the existence of such a device.

  18. 18 CrackBaby®

    People keep asking me “is that an iphone?”. And I tell them “no, just a Blackberry”.

    “Whats a blueberry?”

    “its a phone that can read emails and crash…”

    I swear. I get that a lot.

    BTW. This is the stupidest thread ever. Or ist there some sarcasm here that I, as a n00b, cant understand?

  1. 1 BlackBerry LESSON

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