Verizon drops OS .141 - next update may come with OS 5.0

The Verizon BlackBerry Storm OS .141 update that we saw last month has been dropped. Apparently, the OS software has failed Verizon Wireless’ quality assurance tests. It’s not obvious how RIM or Verizon will proceed, but they’re going to have to do something fast because BlackBerry Storm owners are still several updates away form having a smooth functioning device.

We may not see another update until the Storm goes OS 5.0, which means you’ll have to be incredibly patient. At that time, we’ll likely see the BlackBerry Storm 2, which will be what you hoped the Storm was in the first place. It’s a steep price to pay to be an early adopter.


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  1. 1 Josh Schairbaum

    This is a major failure by Verizon. So my options are to run a vendor-supported buggy OS or a slightly-less buggy, but non-vendor-supported OS? I would rarely use Verizon and quality assurance in the same breath, it’s funny they would have hangups on it now.

  2. 2 Joe Beaulaurier

    I’m feeling fat and happy using .141 on my Verizon BB Storm. It makes the phone so much more enjoyable than the .75 it came with (and that’s the last version Verizon has provided as carrier authorized). I feel like I have Storm 2, it’s soooo much better.

  3. 3 Jawman

    Who would be silly enough to get a Storm 2 with the same “Verizon Quality” after the display of how they take care of the early adopters? I see this Storm failing on the second round if they don’t get an update out soon for the people that have the Storm. I don’t think anyone will recommend buying a Future Storm come this fall. RIM should refuse to release a Verizon BlackBerry until Verizon gets this model fixed and updates out. Like I said in the past, Verizon is hanging RIM’s reputation out in the wind every week that something isn’t done.

    Money talks, and if your a customer of Verizon, that talk will cost the consumer double to get a less buggy phone!!

  4. 4 Artgeek

    This is a load of crap! I knew Verizon wasn’t going to update an OS till 5.0…
    You could just tell. The way they kept holding back OS updates because of quality assurance…please. I’ve had all carriers at various times and i have to say i like Verizon’s reception and call quality but right now they’re throwing their customer service down the crapper. I can understand they want to get a quality OS out but this level of idiocy is unacceptable. I held out with .75 for the longest time thinking “be patient…they will update soon” but then i saw the writing on the wall and updated to .132. Thank god i did. Although i can detect some minor bugs and things i’d like addressed, my experience with the Storm is much more enjoyable now than in the beginning.

    I agree with Jawman, they neglect the hordes of people that bought their Storm 1. Not only did they drive away a portion of those people but now they are pissing off the rest of us that stayed. Storm 2 will sell (all new tech usually does) but it won’t be as good as it could be…

    Verizon, get your act together!!

  5. 5 CJ

    This is truly a hot, heaping load of BS. I’ve had my Storm since late February and had been anxiously waiting on an update. I gave up last week and upgraded to the Bell 122 release and there’s a night & day difference in the way the phone performs. It is highly likely that I’ll be breaking my Verizon contract and going back to the iPhone.

  6. 6 BlackBerryCool (BlackBerry Cool)

    Verizon drops OS .141 - next update may come with OS 5.0

  7. 7 pinkmotown (Paula)

    RT @BlackBerryCool: Verizon drops OS .141 - next update may come with OS 5.0

  8. 8 davidnolewajka (David Nolewajka)

    How about a discount on new storm for this crap? RT@BlackBerryCool Verizon drops OS.141next update may come with OS 5.0

  9. 9 davidnolewajka (David Nolewajka)

    Stop coming out with teases and produce RT: @BlackBerryCool Verizon drops OS .141 - next update may come with OS 5.0

  10. 10 mikerlawson (Michael Lawson)

    RT @BlackBerryCool: Verizon drops OS .141 - next update may come with OS 5.0

  11. 11 BobC

    This is complete, utter, absolute, total BS Verizon!

    And don’t believe for one second, users don’t know any better. Especially ones that read this site, or numerous other BB related sites.

    The *.75 release I’m running right now has problems (color flashing among the most annoying) and is slow and sluggish along with a host of others problems that I won’t list (because RIM fixed them you BLOW WHOLES! ).

    I purposely switched over to a blackberry because I needed tethering and didn’t want to be locked down to an “Apple only” (hint hint) store AND I didn’t want to have to “jailbreak” a device I depended on to do business with. If I had known Verizon was going to pull this BS, I would have chosen a different carrier.

    I have been waiting patiently for the next official release but will now go off and do EXACTLY what I didn’t want to do… and probably what you don’t want either… install a release that YOU didn’t approve and run it on YOUR network.

    I can’t WAIT until my contract is up!

    And yes, I think I feel better!

  12. 12 jam1020

    Screw you Verizon!!!!
    I stayed loyal when all my friends were getting iP**** and laughing at me for waiting on the Storm. One of my main reasons was the superior business device that is a BB and the network of Verizon over A*&*, BUT, network only goes so far if the device can’t use the network well because the OS is crashing or locked up. You useless cacophony of putrid filth for an organization.

    So I got my Storm day one (number 21 our fo 40 at my local Verizon store). I was somewhat disappointed but willing to be patient while the bugs were corrected. After all, I was an early adopter that helped you make your bottom line in a recession. You worthless pile of dung for a company.

    And here I am, 6 months later and you are going to leave me high and dry in an effort to get me to buy the Storm 2 when it comes out? You impotent, ungrateful, slothful bastards. If you don’t update, I will make it my personal mission to destroy your market in my area. I will get a blackberry on A*&* and spam the crap out of anyone I know on Verizon to change to any company but yours regardless it that company supports it’s hardware and customers. I have a lot of people that listen to my tech advice including an internet audience. Upgrade or die. You sorry, spiteful, “full of suck” excuse for a technology/communication company.

    (That felt good…)

  13. 13 fantom1023 (fantom1023)

    RT @BlackBerryCool Verizon drops OS .141 - next update may come with OS 5.0

  14. 14

    what jam said

  15. 15 Joe Beaulaurier

    It’s not a big deal that Verizon isn’t approving an OS. You can easily locate, download and install later versions released by RIM. I’m using version on my Verizon issued Blackberry Storm after getting it with version .75. It was a piece of s*** under OS .75. Now it is rockin’ as my new netbook - an awesome device.

    So if you’re driven to spewing idiotic ravings about this, take all that energy to help yourself out of the situation.

    This is only newsworthy in that Verizon’s behavior is so questionable.

  16. 16 jam1020

    This is not about the OS. It’s about the principle. (I have .141 by the way.)

    …and I take offense to the “idiotic ravings” comment. The posts are a way to blow of steam and maybe get Verizon’s attention as a paying customer (although we are pretty sure they don’t read this stuff or they would realize the world of customers they are ticking off).

    I love my Storm. The problem I have is with Verizon’s motives. Verizon, like all other major telecom companies, jerks us around because they know we don’t want to pay half the US deficit to get our of our contract. So they will string us along until another version or a new phone comes out and hold that over our heads by pulling support for the old phone(s). It’s a game to them and I have a problem with that.

    As a software developer, I know that there is no such thing as a bug-less release. So why is Verizon being so darn picky? They weren’t when the Storm was released (look at .75).

    I will be hard pressed to recommend Storm 2 to anyone that is non-technical if they plan to support it the same way they are supporting Storm 1.

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