Watch NBC prime TV free on your BlackBerry Storm

BlackBerry Storm video

Everything looks beautiful on the BlackBerry Storm. At WES, many of the booths were demo’ing their products on the Storm because the combination of a big screen and smooth UI, makes for the best way to showcase your application. Video is stunning on this device and I found a good post explaining how to get NBC prime television streamed to your device for free.

Just visit

If the link does not work, visit

Shows include The Office, 30 Rock, Crusoe, Friday Night Lights, Heroes, Kath and Ki, Knight Rider, Lipstick Jungle, My Own Worst Enemy, The Biggest Looser and more.


41 Responses to “Watch NBC prime TV free on your BlackBerry Storm”

  1. 1 NA

    When I click on the episodes it says I’m not authorized.
    Does the browser need to be in Explorer or FF mode?

  2. 2 Agarwaen

    doesn’t work with VZW

  3. 3 jsngrvn

    why is this not working with VZW, can they get their act together? I miss my iphone what a POS

  4. 4 jsngrvn

    Why not on VZW, switching from AT&T and my iPhone was a huge mistake.

  5. 5 SebastianRaven

    This would be great if Verizon didn’t f*ck things up. Maybe NBC should make an App instead, like YouTube.

  6. 6 stick2e

    You have to love Verizon! I cant see them as well.

  7. 7 ronr

    Got 403 - forbidden error also, I am on a Verizon storm w/.141 software using both Opera and BB Browser.. Maybe more research is needed PRIOR to posting articles that say “it works on the STORM” when it does not work on all of them!

  8. 8 Dan

    That’s stupid. I can’t access it either

  9. 9 Bill

    funny works for me on Bell. stop complaining.

  10. 10 Cujo

    So let me get this straight….

    WES, a US symposium, is showing off NBC’s shows on the Storm.

    The only US carrier of the Storm is Verizon.

    Verizon does not allow it’s users to do what they’re showing off at WES?


  11. 11 Chris

    I can’t either on VZW. I though unlimited data plan meant unlimited, not limited…. Hummmmm…. I guess I have to read the fine print in my contract a little better.

  12. 12 Nate D

    Hey guys, after seeing this, I think you can get it to work, but you are going to need to use your WAP browser and NOT your BlackBerry Browser.
    If you have your homescreen shortcuts turned on, just press W and it will be your WAP browser.
    It’s working on an 8900 when using the WAP browser…Won’t work with the BlackBerry Browser…Gives the same error.

  13. 13 matt

    I have had a link to this for over a month… it used to work. Seems like Verizon blocked the links once it became more popular.

    That is terrible if they did… but the quality wasn’t all that great anyway

  14. 14 upSetStormUser

    It wasn’t always like this. It used to work on my VZW Storm. Then one day I started getting these damned error messages. Does anyone know exactly what happened?

  15. 15 Jake


    So, we should stop complaining because it works just fine on a carrier we don’t have the option of using. Sorry, but I seem to be unable to live vicariously through your enjoyment. Funny. Doesn’t work for me. Stop posting.

  16. 16 murphythadog

    VZW is blocking it? Can’t believe “The Network” would do that to us. Oh wait yes I can. Can you hear me now? This is worse than that time I invented that time machine. Oh wait flashbacks only work on family guy and they are usually only funny in my head. I bet if we had wi-fi on our devices we could circumvent this. Oh wait, VZW doesn’t like wi-fi on the devices. This should shut-up all those you don’t need wifi because the network is so awesome people. Stupid VZW.

  17. 17 jonv_serpico007 ( now u can watch NBC shows on your blackberry. I assume this won’t work outside the US

  18. 18 BlackBerryCool (BlackBerry Cool)

    Watch NBC prime TV free on your BlackBerry Storm

  19. 19 aaron

    I called verizon, I was told verizon has not blocked anything. Hmmm mm

  20. 20 tmitechnews (Matt Doades)

    RT @BlackBerryCool Watch NBC prime TV free on your BlackBerry Storm

  21. 21 n8

    Because they aren’t blocking it (yet at least). Its not Verizon. Its the NBC website and how its identifying the device.

  22. 22 Richard Wood

    I just got it to work! Not sure which of these settings it was, but I went into Settings, then Advanced, then Browser and changed my Browser Default to BlackBerry Browser. Next I opened the browser, opened Options, went into Browser Configuration, and changed the browser from Internet Browser to BlackBerry Browser, Clicked Menu, selected Save. I then closed the browser, reopened it, navigated to a video on NBC’s mobile site and VOILA! She works!

    Guess it’s not Verizon (Unless they changed something in the past half hour while I was fooling with this). I guess it was likely the coding on the site’s end.

    Twitter me! @LegalAdmin

  23. 23 Richard Wood

    UPDATE: Some videos still give an error. But it’s different than the original. It’s not an access rights error, it’s more like a corrupt video error, or perhaps a codex error. It does open the media player (which we weren’t getting before), and then I get the error… sometimes!

  24. 24 yada

    I think the BlackBerry Browser only exists on your device if you’re a BES user — at least, that was the only time I had that browser option on my vzw Storm.

  25. 25 yada

    Just tried it using Bolt and got the same 403 error, so I’m thinking it’s VZW, not browser configuration.

  26. 26 NicBall (Nic Ball)

    RT @BlackBerryCool: Watch NBC prime TV free on your BlackBerry Storm @myen

  27. 27 Fuz

    Hey Richard, tried you suggestion, not working.

    I went to configure browser and the only one that shows in the drop down is “internet browser”

    I can’t select BB browser. I’ve seen it before, but now I can’t. I’m running 141 btw.

  28. 28 DavidB

    Pretty poorly researched article if you ask me. If it only worked on Bell that should have been posted. Just dumb to post an article about something available on the Storm and it isn’t on the largest Storm provider, or only is by jumping through hoops.

  29. 29 n8

    I understand peoples frustration on this not working right off the bat and felt as if they were mis-lead by the article.
    However like I mentioned above, if you’re fortunate to have a carrier that offers a wap browser, than simply use that rather than the standard browser and it will work. Same thing with youtube videos on 5.0 as well.
    I have it working on a Bold, 8900 and 9530 Storm, so it is possible. Again, verizon isn’t blocking anything. Its the way that the nbc site is reading the device when attempting to bring up the video.
    I don’t have any devices with Verizon service so I can’t do any tweaking or testing to tell you which way to get it to work.
    If the time and effort was spent to play with the settings rather than bitching and complaining, someone would have probably figured it out by noW.
    BTW, love how every ad before it starts playing is a BlackBerry ad. Kind of pointless though since they know we are viewing from a BlackBerry. Wonder if other device users are seeing ads for their phones.

  30. 30 n8

    So since I had a free minute I did some testing.
    Click the image on the left hand side for the episodes, not the text on the right hand side.
    It should work then.
    Let me know.

  31. 31 murphythadog

    It magically started working for me around 9pm last night. Not sure if the server was overloaded or if it was in fact a genuine block by “the network”. Weird error if the server was overloaded. You think it would be “we’re busy now please try again later”. Instead of the one everyone was getting that it was blocked.

  32. 32 jsngrvn

    Still not working for me what a POS…. dont know about you but tired of half a** products that never work correctly

  33. 33 n8

    Sorry about the confusion earlier as well. I am so used to just saying “BlackBerry Browser” because most people just assume its the only browser.
    In my above statement, blackberry browser meant the “internet browser”. The wording BlackBerry Browser will only appear if you are on a BES.
    BTW, on the storm I also was getting the error that Richard was getting about the “an error occurred”, but like I wrote earlier, it worked when I clicked on the picture on the left. Clicking on the text to the right gave me the error.

  34. 34 DavidB

    I tried this morning both clicking through the text and clicking through the pictures and same error either way. 9530 running .141 with BIS only.

  35. 35 Phreqd

    Works with the Bold on AT&T. I also had to use the WAP browser because I got error messages in my regular browser.

  36. 36 NA

    Where so I find the WAP browser?

  37. 37 Rob

    I got it to work on a US verizon STORM 9530 by changing the Blackberry browser setting from Blackberry brower to firefox…but the quality isnt that great…nice in a pinch though. It breaks one episode into a bunch of little episodes.

  38. 38 Rob

    For all US Verizon Storm 9530 users try this:
    I went into the “Blackberry Browser” Then i hit the menu button and went to options. I opened “Browser Configuration” I then went down to “Browser Identification” and changed it from Blackberry Browser to Firefox. Saved and went back and it worked like a charm.

  39. 39 yada

    Still nothing. Changing browser identification doesn’t work (tried every option), enabling Javascript doesn’t work, launching in an alternative browser doesn’t work, sacrificing the neighbor’s cat to Cthulu didn’t work. It MUST be Verizon — perhaps whatever Verizon-like thing they’re doing is dependent on which part of their network you’re in? (I’m in Chicago.)

  40. 40 joemoeberry

    why the hell would you put up an article about something that doesn’t even work?????????? crackberry wouldnt do that

  41. 41 Joe1004

    When I try on my Curve, I get “Upgrade to a Blackberry Storm 8330, Blackberry Bold, Blackberry Curve 8330, Blackberry Pearl 8130 and Wi-Fi enabled Blackberry Smartphone and start enjoying full streaming videos from”


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