What to do if your BlackBerry gets water damage

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If your BlackBerry gets covered in water, don’t worry. It’s not the end of the world and if you act fast and rationally, you can save your device.

    1. Pull out the battery.
    2. Put your device near sunlight.
    3. Rotate your device so all sides get sunlight.
    4. Leave it near sunlight for 24 hours. Some suggest in a bowl of uncooked rice or with silica gel packs.
    5. Do NOT put your battery back until the 24 hours are up.
    6. After 24 hours, put the battery back in and power on.

After following these steps, your BlackBerry should be just fine. If it doesn’t work, don’t bother trying to scam a new one from RIM. RIM has some really incredible CSI techniques to determine what exactly has happened to your BlackBerry and will know if you’re lying.

I’ve heard about RIM using some advanced testing methods to determine that a user, when asked whether he spilled anything on his device, was in fact lying and had spilled Diet Coke. The testing techniques were so sophisticated that they actually knew it was Diet in particular.

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  1. 1 Steven B.

    It seems as though all BlackBerryCool.com news and posts just so happen to be the exact same as CrackBerry.com, just a couple hours later. How do you guys seem to still have jobs?

  2. 2 Steven B.

    hmm, maybe because they saw a colored stain, but it wasn’t sticky? — no sugar. DUH, such good CSI techniques. I’m 22 and even I knew that.

  3. 3 Thomas M

    Advanced techniques? Don’t they just need to look at the white box on the side of the battery which reveals a red stripe on it if exposed to water?

  4. 4 raymond bell

    Wow all you healthy people who must drink water! I would imagine tea,coffee, beer etc more likely (and all being more damaging than water). 1 week ago I spilt hot ginger tea.step:
    1. Scream F++++
    2. Pull battery sim and mini sd
    3. Leave for 10 mins in sink of water
    4. Dry off and disasemble
    5. Clean and leave to dry for 3 days
    6. Re asemble
    …And with the exception of the track ball jobs all good.
    7. For the next 4 days persistantly press the trackball until it eventually springs back to life.


  5. 5 hiroprotagonist

    The advice isn’t really all that great, and is the same re-hash of a millon other sites.

    You need to pull the device apart to get ALL the water out from inside it, and clean some of the sensitive areas with a cue-tip, and even with a cleaning solvent that is safe for electronics. Sunlight on the outer surface is not going to guarantee it is dry on the inside completely. And worse still, corrosion can occur in spots that were not properly swabbed clean.

    There are many tutorials on how to safely disassemble a blackberry, including full videos. The devices are remarkably modular and a full tear-down can be done by anyone in a matter of minutes. The bottom anteanna assembly is the only super-sensitive area you need to be careful of. The rest is plug-and-play.

    Additionally, it is wise to invest in some spare / backup parts for the blackberry. Many online stores offer them. Any of the major components can be bought as spare parts except for the mainboard. And these are for very reasonable prices. If you do a tear-down of the Blackberry and make sure the mainboard gets clean, you can replace any other part of the device that is fried and restore to brand new condition.

    And finally, I would not recommend re-using the battery. Get a new one, they are cheap. It is not worth your own safety to attempt to reuse it. You cannot guarantee that it is perfectly sealed and that water did not seep into the battery. Paranoid? Maybe. But you don’t want one of those things blowing up on you, that’s for sure.

  6. 6 Pederson

    oh my god BlackBerryCool is pathetic. I have to unsubscribe to all these horrible Blackberry sites.

  7. 7 j chicago

    Horrible method.At very best you would have an hour when the sun is directly above you to be able to have sunlight on all sides of your phone, and someone would probably steal it as it was baking outside. And this would require a trip towards the North Pole during summer to be able to leave it in sunlight 24 hours.

  8. 8 mjmclean (Martha McLean)

    What about dim sum sauce?? RT @BlackBerryCool: What to do if your BlackBerry gets water damage http://bit.ly/rxz1J

  9. 9 MixedBunny (Mixed Bunny)

    Just happened to me!!! RT @BlackBerryCool: What to do if your BlackBerry gets water damage http://bit.ly/rxz1J

  10. 10 JennaGlynn (Jenna Glynn)

    RT @BlackBerryCool What to do if your BlackBerry gets water damage http://bit.ly/rxz1J

  11. 11 gmbnard (Nard)

    What to do if your BlackBerry gets water damage http://bit.ly/rxz1J

  12. 12 Bill Wright

    Silica Gel is strongly required for drying cell phones. It is the most absorbent commercially available material out there. It will dry out anything, I got my original iPhone (don’t laugh at me) wet and was not covered under warranty because of their moisture sensor. I covered the phone in silica gel and it worked wonders and it actually worked again! It seems like that the Silica Gel option is the most effective, thus why they use this in every electronics package you get when you buy something new!

    Just google the terms: Silica Gel Packets and you will find plenty of suppliers, I used http://www.SilicaGelPackets.com and worked well for me.

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