Free BlackBerry app watches over your idle device

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Personally, I really don’t like when other people pick up my phone. My entire life is stored on my device and I’m just not comfortable with other people touching it. A new free app called bWatchDoggy aims to startle someone who picks up your phone.

What you do is the following:

1. Launch the application
2. Place it on your desk
3. Wait 3 seconds until the app is active
4. Wait until the next person picks up your phone
5. A loud dog-barking sound is played when the device is moved

To stop the barking, swipe your finger on the screen to the right.

Download a free copy of bWatchDoggy for your BlackBerry Storm.

  • Steel Watch
    I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my reader.
  • Pat
    Man, it sounds like Dave is ticked that he didn't get a Storm... 8^)
  • Dave

    I'm not bitter about one specific app really, it's just overall, the Storm gets more (and cooler) apps. Sure the Storm is more of a consumer phone and the Bold is more of a ProSumer phone, I just wish developers wouldn't think inside the box and develop more apps for phones equally. I understand that different hardware requires different dev kits and different programming, but for generic or simpler apps, that is not always the case. :(

    Thanks for listening to my rant!
  • CrackBaby®

    Thanks for making this useful app free, mate!

    Might I suggest some features for the next version;

    -several sounds to choose from
    -a "magic grip" to lift it without the alarm going off
    -silence when put down

    I will put it to the test at work tomorrow >:)
  • Fabian
    What doesnt work?
    Did you set permissions?
  • Peter
    This doesn't seem to work with the new 9530 Storm update?
  • Fabian
    I am the maker of this application and I can only say that it is just not possible to make an app like this for the Bold. The Bold does not have a accelerometer (used to get the movement of the Storm) and the Bold does also not have a touch screen what is needed for this application.

    It's true, saying that the Storm gets a lot of apps, but that is because it allows the developers to do so much more.
    If you look at the AppWorld or at the BlackBerryCool software store, you find a LOOT of apps for the Bold.
    What exactly are you looking for that you miss?
  • Dave
    I'm sick of the Storm getting all the preferential app treatment. (Yeah, yeah there are better apps that support this argument, but this is the straw that broke the camel's back...).

    My Bold goes generally app-less, thanks to the Storm being a *gasp* TOUCH PHONE OoOoOoh!

    Pfft. I specifically bought the Bold because it was the best BlackBerry model in terms of features, touch be damned.

    Sorry for the rant! >_<
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