Tungle unveils new ways to conveniently book meetings


Tungle is an accelerated calendar experience that is great for anyone who books appointments on a regular basis. Today, they unveiled some new features, including the Tungle.me service.

Tungle.me is the first click-to-meet technology. Similar to click-to-call services that put voice calls a “click away,” Tungle.me’s click-to-meet technology now makes scheduling a meeting just as easy. Tungle.me gives users a personalized URL where contacts can see a user’s free/busy calendar and quickly schedule a meeting by proposing multiple meeting times without ever having to sign up to Tungle. When the meeting is booked, everyone gets a meeting confirmation and their calendars are automatically updated. The personalized Tungle.me URL can easily be sent to anyone via email, IM, Twitter and other networking and communication outlets.

In addition, Facebook and web users can now enhance their existing online profiles by adding the Facebook or web Tungle.me widgets. Released today, these widgets display a real-time view of each user’s availability and a quick link to their personal Tungle.me URL. The Tungle.me Facebook widget gives an “at-a-glance” view of the availability of all friends that have the Tungle.me Facebook app installed, making it easy for users to connect with their network

Tungle, which recently launched its flagship service, Tungle Accelerate, extends the life of existing e-calendar and groupware solutions. It allows people to share calendars across companies and platforms, easily schedule meetings with individuals or groups inside or outside their company, propose multiple meeting times in invitations and much more. It intelligently and automatically adjusts for time zones and prevents double-bookings. The result is hours saved in getting meetings booked. It currently syncs with Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple iCal and Entourage for Mac. Tungle is also working with IBM to accelerate Lotus Notes.

Tungle.me is a free service. Go to tungle.me to get your personalized Tungle.me URL today. The Tungle.me Facebook widget is available in the Facebook application directory.