100 free annual subscriptions to the momentem call tagging service


Regular readers of BlackBerry Cool will know that we have featured a cool new app / service that allows you to tag and allocate your mobile calls so that you can bill more, recover more costs, and make more sense of your phone bill. It’s called momentem, and last week we interviewed their President, Terry Hughes.

The company wants to give back to the community and are offering 100 BlackBerry Cool readers the chance to get a whole year of access to the full momentem service for free. The great thing about this contest is everyone who enters wins. Those not lucky enough to be in the 100 will still get a copy of the free version Call Time Tracker.

Call Time Tracker is the lite version of momentem and you can always upgrade if you like what you see. The full version allows you to tag your calls, emails, activities and expenses, and you can get unlimited on-demand reports from the system, whereas the free version only does call tagging and there’s only one report, generated on the last day of the month.

Entering is easy:

Go to this webpage momentem.net/bbcool.asp and enter your email address. Simple as that.

The competition closes in just a few days, so hurry.

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    100 free annual subscriptions to the momentem call tagging service http://bit.ly/9c04S