Facebook BlackBerry theme for the BlackBerry Curve OS 4.5

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This Facebook theme is for the social networking and web 2.0 fans out there. Facebook is an awesome app for BlackBerry, mainly because it’s developed by RIM. Being developed by RIM, the app can use API’s that aren’t available to third party app developers. I’m expecting big things from future Facebook versions. This theme is a tribute to the great social network and useful BlackBerry app.

Currently, the theme is only available for the BlackBerry Curve sporting OS 4.5. Other versions are coming soon.

Buy the Facebook theme for the Blackberry Curve 4.5 OS only for $5.00.

[Courtesy of BBThemeCentral]

  • Dila Loclo Snpis
    hha* :D
  • nelson
    i totally agree with u charles.... thats crap and its not so colourful... maybe u should try and visit eveek and see for urself free themes that would make u eat ur themes....rubbish!!!!!!
  • Jonathan Davis
    Edit to the above: http://forums.crackberry.com/f16/facebook-theme...
  • Jonathan Davis
    This isn't the first Facebook theme. The first Facebook theme was released in July of 08, and is free.
  • Charles
    FIVE DOLLARS? Are they kidding? ::looking at calendar:: A late April fools joke maybe? Don't get me wrong, but I have seen some themes that blows this one away and free. I'm sorry, it looks terrible/ugly/horrendous (insert your own term if you like)!
  • BlackBerryCool (BlackBerry Coo
    Facebook BlackBerry theme for the BlackBerry Curve OS 4.5 http://bit.ly/149w2Z
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