Backup and restore to your media card with PhoneBAKup: Giveaways!


PhoneBAKup looks like a pretty useful app for saving time and energy making backups of your important files. The app lets you schedule daily, weekly or monthly backups for your BlackBerry OTA. With each backup, you can save your device’s data including the Address Book, Task, Calendar and MemoList.

The data is emailed to an email address of your choosing, so if you have a lot of data, make sure you have an appropriate data plan. Also, consider making a separate email address for your backups so it doesn’t get mixed up with your other emails and can be quickly accessed.

PhoneBAKup normally costs $19.90 with no subscriptions or annual fees. There is also a free trial available.

We’re also giving away 20 free copies of PhoneBAKup. To win, comment and tell us what the last app you purchased was.

This application is compatible with the BlackBerry Pearl (8100,8110,8120), Pearl Flip (8200,8220), Curve (8300,8310,8320), 8700 C/G/R, 8707 G/V, 8800, 8820, 8830, Curve 8900, Bold 9000 and the Storm 9500.

72 Responses to “Backup and restore to your media card with PhoneBAKup: Giveaways!”

  1. 1 Ramón Gómez Toledo

    The last app thai I’ve purchased was “Quiclaunch” for my Blackberry 8300.
    I’ve bought it in your “BBCool appstore”.
    The app “quicklaunch” is great also very pleased with the store.
    I hope to win a copy of PhoneBAKup.
    Thanks a lot!

  2. 2 saga7410

    Great soft! Hoping for one free!

  3. 3 jin-n-juice

    I think the last app I purchased was SaveNumberAs. Do I win?

  4. 4 Joseph

    I recently purchased quicklaunch and berryweather

  5. 5 saga7410

    I have purchased SwooshPhotos!

  6. 6 Chuck Slaten

    Last program I purchased was Doodle…..

  7. 7 Gary Reynolds

    The last app I purchased was Documents to Go Premium for the o’l BB. I wish I could say that I purchased it from BlackBerryCool apps store - but I didn’t…I am not above a little pandering! ;-))

    I see this backup app as something a lot of folks can use. I hope I am one of them!


  8. 8 Nik G

    The last app that I purchased for my BlackBerry was “Phone Log”. This quirky little software logs every fone call (incoming, outgoing) details - name, number, duration and sms (incoming and outgoing) - again, name, number.

    - all this on the BlackBerry Calendar - so you know who called (smsed) you or whom you called (smsed). With the SMS, it also tells you what the message was (provided the message is still in your sms inbox).

    Most useful value-for-money app.

  9. 9 Chad D

    I bought JiveTalk hoping to save battery life by using a single IM client.

  10. 10 rick

    last app purchased was Quicklaunch and I love it!

  11. 11 Kristin

    I bought Podtrapper and I love it.

  12. 12 jimmy

    Last app I purchased was AutoStandby. The app really improves the battery life on my Curve 8900.

  13. 13 Mike

    Last app I purchased for my phone was PodTrapper, the excellent podcast management application.

  14. 14 jay zylberberg

    I purchased “whitepages mobile”. Awesome app! I can even lookup cellphone #’s with it!
    BlackBerry cool rocks!

  15. 15 Tom

    This software would be perfect for my Bold. I think the last software I purchased was BerryWeather.
    Thanks in advance,

  16. 16 Ashley

    I recently purchased Field Towers and Air Traffic Control.

  17. 17 Klotar

    The link in the article above goes to software by the same developer but does not mention backups to SD card nor to alternate email accounts.

  18. 18 Klotar

    Woops, my previous post disappeared. The last app I bought was jNetX Call Reminder. Here’s hoping I win a copy of the backup application!

  19. 19 Jamie

    The last app I purchased was SmrtGuard… would love to access to backup to my media card though!

  20. 20 Ray Lane

    Well.. the last app I bought was QuickLaunch (after a spell with ShortcutMe) after seeing your writeup on it.
    I hope I win a copy of the backup app. It would help the migration between my new BB (bold) and my pearl.
    I would also buy the vibrator app… but I might just shave my head with a rusty bread knife…

  21. 21 Jordan

    The last app I purchased was the Calorie Tracker from the App World. Love it! And backing up to my memory card would ROCK!

  22. 22 Cee Pee

    Last app i purchased was Berryweather… its cool.

  23. 23 eric

    Hahaha, sexy dice! Don’t browse apps while drinking…

  24. 24 JLo

    Last one here was SplashID for Blackberry.

    Pick this one!! Please!!

  25. 25 Leon

    Never bought anything for bberry but this looks cool.

  26. 26 IL

    Last purchase was FollowUp!

  27. 27 VIOLATOR

    The last app I purchaed was QuickLaunch bi NikkiSoft and I love it.

    This app is ver intriguing and the wireless aspect is a Huge plus!


  28. 28 jon

    i bought quick launch which i like and i would love this app to back up my storm as being in the army i cant take my laptop away with me my storm is my life line

  29. 29 Dave Davis

    The last app I bought was Garmin GPS.

    PhoneBAKup sounds great

  30. 30 Shawn

    This is a hot item for any bb user. Can a brotha get a copy? Pretty please w/ a berry on top. BTW, last app I purchased the quick launch update. Its still buggy.

  31. 31 noaim

    I have not purchased any applications for my blackberry..

    its bad enough in this economy that I have a blackberry.. Free is good though ;)

  32. 32 Renae

    I believe the last app purchased was QuickLaunch - would love to have the free software!

  33. 33 Sib Kaifee

    Hi, I purchased Forward with Edit through BlackBerry Apps World. I would love to have Backup and Restore for free. Thanks. Hope I am the lucky one.

  34. 34 Issac

    The last application I purchased was “copy all”.

  35. 35 Jitesh

    got a thk3 and quick launch recently. would love to have this app :) ..will be trying it out soon though and giving my opinions soon.

  36. 36 confettiBerry

    QuickLaunch was the last appli. I purchased

  37. 37 Frankie Santiago

    I purchased Wififile Transfer this cool app allows you to download and upload to the blackberry via wifi.

  38. 38 Sean

    Bartender Pro was the last app I purchased

  39. 39 MAxdecimus

    This is I was wating for !! Finnaly I will have a remote backup of my data!
    If I’m lucky of course….!

  40. 40 William Grantland

    Last app purcgased was QuickLaunch would like to win please!

  41. 41 Mayooran

    The last app I purchased was PageOnce… Pretty awesome app.

  42. 42 jmdc88 (Julie)

    RT @BlackBerryCool Backup and restore to your media card with PhoneBAKup: Giveaways!

  43. 43 All_About_Giana (??Giana Luciano??)

    RT @BlackBerryCool Backup and restore to your media card with PhoneBAKup: Giveaways!

  44. 44 evri

    I just bought two application for my boldberry which are aerize card loader to save applications into memory card (unfortunatelly not all of application can be put on memori card by aerize) and sms2desk by cortado (quit good to back up sms into emails but unable to put sms date when it converted to emails)

  45. 45 bbaulier

    Last app purchased was QuickLaunch

  46. 46 Rey

    the last app that I purchased(I won actually) was talk later… talk to you later! :) loving it

  47. 47 Phreqd

    Last app I purchased was inForm. Great for creating a database on my Bold.

  48. 48 elizabeth Chan

    The last app. I bought for my BB was Alertmatrix. It is an awesome app. That let’s you configure who you want emails to alert you, phone calls, and text messages. I don’t have to be bothered with all the emails, texts, calls. I have all my emails silence except for the ones that are important to me. Love that appl. I have been more productive with my life. I have always looked at my BB whenever I get any messages! Use to waste time on just deleteing them. But with Alertmatrix, I have been very happy!

  49. 49 Mark Lepold

    I just purchased Wabbit. It collects the contact information from the emails and, if you don’t have it, it asks you if you want it. It also updates existing contacts. Great Road Warrior app.

  50. 50 Mark Lepold

    It is actually Gwabbit, not wabbit.

  51. 51 Ixtab

    The last app I purchased was a QuickLaunch 2.x upgrade, amazing application. Would love to win a copy of PhoneBAKup, looks like a really useful application. thanks!

  52. 52 Tanya

    I would love to win this and the last app I purchased was the Netflix Queue Manager from the app world.

  53. 53 Tom

    would love a copy of this software

  54. 54 melanie

    E-mobile planner from Handango and I hate it
    P purchased was

  55. 55 melanie

    I bought e-mobile planner from Handango and hated it.

  56. 56 Todd

    berry popup was the last app i purchased, sweet app. this new app would be a great addition to my BB 8320

  57. 57 Matthew

    Bought QuickLaunch for my Rogers 8900!

  58. 58 Tom

    Last app purchased was BBFileScout — “donation”, actually! Worth every penny… :-)

  59. 59 Navs

    Bought Aerize Card Loader for my Blackberry 8830.

  60. 60 Nur

    Please pick me…

  61. 61 Agung

    Last apps purchased is IM+

  62. 62 Ben

    the last app i purchased was.. um wordshuffle.. word games FTW

  63. 63 NotSoStable

    Ooh! Ooh! Pick me!
    The last app I bought was Wifi File Transfer (great app by the way).


  64. 64 steinberg

    The latest item I purchased for my blackberry was Addto from Its an app that allows you to import text from an email directly to your calendar

  65. 65 Dennis W.

    Wow…that’s a nifty little app.
    Had the problem how to create a quality backup…

    Nice…hope to be one of the lucky ones (will write a good review) :)

  66. 66 Cyndi

    last app I purchase wordSearch

  67. 67 Binh Truong

    I love this soft but I am never lucky man in this game

  68. 68 Dwain

    I’m really new to BB devices and haven’t made my first app purchase yet. Lots of good free apps though if that counts. Google maps is the last thing I installed.

    Will soon be buying BB alerts, once my trial expires.

  69. 69 Farukh Bashir

    Last program i purchased was TweetGenius.

  70. 70 Anggi

    Last apps I purchased was the sims 3

  71. 71 Anggi

    I purchased BerryBuzz last week

  72. 72 melanie

    Bought the game, Kem Kem.

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