BlackBerry OS updates roundup - leaked, official and sketchy

Today the Internet was inundated with a ton of BlackBerry OS updates. I’ve taken the time to compile them all in one easy to read location so you don’t have to go around searching for yourself.

Here are some unofficial BlackBerry updates. Download them at your own risk and don’t install unless you’re familiar with the uninstall process.

BlackBerry 8100 OS
BlackBerry 8110 OS
BlackBerry 8120 OS
BlackBerry 8300 OS
BlackBerry 8310 OS
BlackBerry 8320 OS
BlackBerry 8800 OS
BlackBerry 8820 OS

BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 OS

BlackBerry Curve 8900 OS

BlackBerry Storm OS

Here are some official BlackBerry OS updates from TELUS. Feel free to use these safe updates.

BlackBerry 8830 OS
BlackBerry 8330 OS

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14 Responses to “BlackBerry OS updates roundup - leaked, official and sketchy”

  1. 1 Rob

    No love for the BOLD… WTF??

  2. 2 cardinal

    sirs and bold?????? wtf?

  3. 3 Toochief

    Has anyone downloaded the 151? Is it worth downloading?

  4. 4 BlackBerryCool (BlackBerry Cool)

    BlackBerry OS updates roundup - leaked, official and sketchy

  5. 5 gmbnard (Nard)

    BlackBerry OS updates roundup - leaked, official and sketchy

  6. 6 das_ubersoldat (.)

    RT @BlackBerryCool: BlackBerry OS updates roundup - leaked, official and sketchy

  7. 7 ballardstar (Dan Ballard)

    RT @BlackBerryCool: #BlackBerry OS #updates roundup - leaked, #official and sketchy

  8. 8 James

    Has anyone tried the Curve 8900 OS update, is it worth it?

  9. 9 wendy

    does this work on the 9530 or just the 9500?

  10. 10 Moody_BB

    Are there any OS upgrades for the bold? Right now i am running v4.6.0.167 (platform If so where do i find them?

  11. 11 Bharat

    I was running on the storm. It wasn’t a proper OS, the programs were lagged, the screen refreshes from landscape to portrait took a lot of time. I had to employ the battery pull about 3 times a day and I was getting all fed up with the device. I downloaded the and it has sped up the storm and removed much of its lag. I found the following changes worthwhile to mention:

    1. The phone seems quite responsive.
    2. The programs start and stop faster.
    3. The phone boots quicker.
    4. The camera takes the snap instantly. For storm users this is a major relief since the camera used to take the snap about 5 seconds after you clicked it. Most of the times, the subject of the picture would move and you would get a completely different snap than what you had intended. 151 version corrects this …Yippie!
    5. Typing on storm takes a bit of a practice for old bb users. It was a nightmare to make corrections, additions in an existing sentence. In this new version, there is a new weird panel sort of thing that shows up while making corrections or editing and it makes the whole exercise pretty simple.

    How I upgraded:

    1. Read 101 on crackberry regarding upgrade via Apploader.exe
    2. Followed the instructions in the above article.

    After the upgrade I found my emails were not saved and I lost them. I have a back up on gmail so nothing to worry about there. Contacts, data, SMS, et all were saved. All applications were installed. I just had to re-activate all the paid applications that require activation.

  12. 12 wendy

    Bharat, thanks for the comments on the upgrade. are you using a 9500 or 9530?

  13. 13 Bharat

    Wendy I am using 9500

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