Easy travel planning from your BlackBerry with Tripit Pro

Tripit is a simplified and easy to use travel planning system. Travelers simply forward their travel confirmation emails and TripIt automatically creates a master itinerary that combines all their travel plans plus weather, maps, restaurants and more.

Today, Tripit Pro has been announced. The premium service is designed for frequent travelers, and features a collection of time-saving travel functionality. Some of the major upgrades include:

• Mobile Alerts - Receive the latest info about flights delays, cancellations, connections, gate changes, baggage claim and more, on any mobile device, for any airline regardless of where the flight was booked.

• Alternate Flights - Get unbiased re-booking options for any flight delays or cancelations, including flight status and available seats, across all available airlines.

• Point Tracker – Keep track of frequent traveler accounts, balances and expirations, all in one place.

• Inner Circle – Identify key people, like an administrative assistant or spouse, who get automatic access to every trip.

TripIt is inviting travelers to try TripIt Pro free for 30 days.

The standard price is $99 per year but travelers who join by July 31 will lock in a charter price of only $49 per year, a 50% discount. Charter members of TripIt Pro will never pay more than $49 per year.

6 Responses to “Easy travel planning from your BlackBerry with Tripit Pro”

  1. 1 moog

    No BlackBerry client? C’mon!

  2. 2 Brian

    Why did you post this? Trip it Pro is only available for the iPhone…..

  3. 3 Kyle

    @moog @Brian - I posted this because it does work on your BlackBerry, albeit no client.

    TripIt and TripIt Pro can be accessed from their free mobile site at m.tripit.com

  4. 4 BlackBerryCool (BlackBerry Cool)

    Easy travel planning from your BlackBerry with Tripit Pro http://bit.ly/F1VUU

  5. 5 David

    I am waiting for the BB client … but as everywhere, they decided to develop for iPhone first :-(

  1. 1 Easy travel planning from your BlackBerry with Tripit Pro …

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