Mobile device management for BlackBerry from AetherPal


AetherPal 2.1 is a mobile device management solution from w2bi. While mobile device management solutions are common in the BlackBerry space, they all provide at least one unique feature that gives them a competitive advantage in their target market.

AetherPal includes Remote Control, Banner Notification and Mobile Desktop features:

Remote Control is a virtualization tool that enables support staff to remotely view, manage, and control the user’s device for troubleshooting, remote installation, device training, and application demonstrations while retrieving device parameters.

Banner Notification allows instant delivery of customizable messages/notifications to an individual or group of mobile users. The notifications can be simple text announcements, or may contain graphics, logos and hyperlinks. You can use Banner Notifications for critical messages, customer subscribed updates, promotion alerts, emergency or weather related communications.

Mobile Desktop is a customizable desktop with streaming content delivery functionality. It allows customizable UI and real time content update deliveries (RSS) to mobile devices. It also provides the user access to the applications in a tab based framework. The operator can push and organize common files, web sites, games, and help desk information as well as increased number of applications/files visible on the desktop.

For more information, visit the Aetherpal site.

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  1. 1 BlackBerryCool (BlackBerry Cool)

    Mobile device management for BlackBerry from AetherPal

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    RT @BlackBerryCool: Mobile device management for BlackBerry from AetherPal

  3. 3 Richard Wood

    I wonder if this will ever come out for individual users to remotely access the BlackBerry device over USB. I’d love to use something like this for presentations. My big worry is price since they don’t even discuss pricing on their website.

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