The ulimate BlackBerry Cool contest - all inclusive trip to Norway and more

Win a 7-day all-inclusive trip to Scandinavia this summer!

We’re still running our Opera Mini contest so be sure to enter to win. All you have to do is download Opera Mini 4.2 on your BlackBerry (if you haven’t done it already). We’re giving away a ton of prizes including:

  • BodyGuardz scratch protectors for the Curve 900 and Bold.
  • A wide variety of chargers.
  • Otterbox cases for the Bold and 8900.
  • Software gift cards of up to $50.

Download Opera Mini by visiting using your BlackBerry browser.

To win one of our Tier 1 prizes, just leave a comment on this post or the contest page. Tell us what you like and dislike about Opera Mini.

One lucky reader from the BlackBerry Cool community will win the Grand Prize and get to visit Oslo, Norway and visit the Opera headquarters. He or she will be accompanied by a correspondent from BlackBerry Cool, who will be writing about the experience. You’ll even get to visit Linkoping, Sweden where Opera Mini is made.

Contest ends Friday, July 10 at noon PDT.

Please send your entries to kyle at blackberrycool dot com with the subject “Opera Mini Review”

Only North American residents are eligible.

93 Responses to “The ulimate BlackBerry Cool contest - all inclusive trip to Norway and more”

  1. 1 Chris

    Opera Mini has a simple interface loads pages fast it is easy to get around.
    the app does a good job as well loading none Mobile formatted websites.

    Get Bowers for sure.

  2. 2 DavidB

    I love the rendering of “full” web sites!

  3. 3 Gagan

    I like the new Opera Mini browser. It allows me to access my bank account, a first on mobile browsers that I have used till now. Also, the zoom feature of the browser is better than the Blackberry browser I use now.

  4. 4 James L

    Love Opera Mini!

    I like the zoom function better than the default browser as well as the the html rendering and speed.

  5. 5 Daniel

    Cons: Didn’t like the appearance in full web pages. Unless you know the page you are at you won’t know where to start searching for a specific part of it.

    Pro: I enjoy the “speed dial” like option for bookmarks, easy browsing through frequently used websites.

  6. 6 WilliamB

    Opera Mini often provides what other mobile browsers do not, a rich and full website. However, this comes with sometimes slower loading times which detract from the experience. A better home screen would more easily facilitate navigation.

  7. 7 chris KB

    Lovin’ it!

  8. 8 diffused

    When I cannot conduct business on pages of other browsers, Opera Mini will render the page appropriately. It’s speedy on my BB 8330, with not lag time. I also like the fact that I can organize my bookmarks. I dislike the fact that I cannot copy/paste an address.

  9. 9 Gregg Smith

    I like how fast it is but im not a fan of the cacheing technology they use to make it work.

  10. 10 Taterbug

    Opera Mini is one of the handiest tools to view web sites ever. I prefer it over all the rest for sure.

  11. 11 AK


    I used to favor Opera over the BB Browser when i was using my old 8703. Not sure if i had many reasons for that, but i think one of them that i my BB lacked a trackball then. Using the 8900 now, i prefer the BB browser…and here’s why:

    - I prefer the “mouse” on the BB Browser compared to the auto link selection on Opera. Gives me more flexibility.
    - i dont like the fact that when i’m typing something in a text field, e.g. username and password, i have “enter” the text field, type, and save. Why not just be able to type right away like on the BB Browser?
    - when trying to render a video clip, from youtube for example, Opera takes “re-directs” me to the BB Browser, and then loads my video on the media player.
    - i do like how Opera renders non-mobile sites and makes it easy to read through.
    - Dont like the fact that Opera doesnt ask me if i want to Save my changes after changing my settings and hitting the “back” button.
    - seems to load pages faster compared to the BB Broswer that spends quite a bit “Requesting”…and also like the fact that it shows me the number of items its loading.

    A few comments off the top of my head…

  12. 12 PaulV

    Storm works well. Few things to adjust to. Very snappy. Cant say i like better or worse but for looking something up fast this will prob be the method

  13. 13 tom esposito

    I don’t like the feeds functionality. I’d prefer that it work more lke a true rss reader. It seems more like an after thought

  14. 14 Johnny Cheng

    I like the the speed of browsing in Opera compared to the standard browser my Bold has.

    Dislike: The fact we cannot copy and paste. Unable to see flash. Unable to view moving pictures. Unable to see embedded videos.

  15. 15 christian hernandez

    i dont like that you cant type letters in opera mini and the pages dont render really well but other than that its perfect

  16. 16 cristobal

    The keyboard zoom in/out and page up/down is great. So much so that I think i’d like to see those features in google maps. But the connection seems more flakey for me.

  17. 17 Corey Davis

    Opera has always been a great mobile browser. Many times I have used it when I can’t get the Blackberry Browser to accomplish certain tasks, i.e. ebay payments (paypal mobile is horrible!)

    I also like the speed dial function. However I have also found Bolt Browser. Lately, I’ve been drawn more to Bolt. With Bolt I have full control of my trackball and can go in any direction or to any field. With Opera, I seem to jump from box to box or link to link. Just a minor annoyance for me. Bolt and Blackberry Browswers also allow copy and paste.

    I’m also use to being able to hit the back button on my 8130 and having it ask to save any changes I might have made preferences wise. Opera makes you hit the menu key then select’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I tend to have to repeat steps a few times because I forget Opera’s extra steps.

    Needs a few upgrades and it will be a great browser!

  18. 18 Ike Bee

    Just d-loaded Opera on my Curve and hope it works as good as it did on my old 7130e. Gonna cross my fingers AND toes so, wish me luck!

  19. 19 Dritzen

    I really like Opera Sync and syncing between my desktop and my blackberry

    I love speed dial. I don’t know how I ever lived without it, especially on my phone.

    I wish there was a way to force my blackberry to use Opera mini instead of the blackberry browser but that’s not Opera’s fault.

  20. 20 Adam Beneke

    I’ve had Opera 4.2 since it was available and enjoy using it primarily when I find a webpage that doesn’t look nice in the BB onboard browser. If there was a way to integrate Opera as the default then I would be using it more often. Plus full flash player support would be great too, although I know its just wishful thinking. Anyways, I do enjoy it and will continue to use it whenever I feel necessary. Thank you for the contest!

  21. 21 psycada

    Speed dial option is great. No more backing out to the bookmarks page.

  22. 22 ksloh

    Oucch, I am not eligible to win the prizes, but I still want to comment :) Thanks for all the good work, keep it up :)

    BlackberryCool rocks!


  23. 23 John p

    Love everything about Opera! Pick me to go to oslo!

  24. 24 Chaim

    me wanna

  25. 25 Danny

    I have to admit I use the native BlackBerry browser first. If it doesn’t render the page properly I go to Opera which does a much better job. The page up/down right/left is great too. A handy tool to have around!

  26. 26 Matt

    The one thing that I do not like about the Opera Mini browser on my Storm…or any BlackBerry for that matter is the picture limitation! It only loads so many pictures on one page. If it wasn’t for that, I would LOVE Opera Mini!

  27. 27 wolf

    I got opera 10.0 on my laptop and opera mini on my storm . fastest in town , all my customers are digging it and making the switch . thanks for providing me with the latest , most “hip ” browser around . Lycan Tattoo

  28. 28 Kiril

    It saves my life and works like a charm on my BB Storm.

  29. 29 Dennis W.

    What I like is the zoomfunctionality…from general overview to detailed.

    Downside in my opinion is the performance…it takes up quite some performance on my 8820 BB. And there is nog flash support :(

  30. 30 Nick T

    Nothing wrong with Opera Mini. Great alt to blackberry browser!

  31. 31 Chris Clark

    I have used Opera Mini briefly, and my only real complaint is when i touch a text field on my Storm, the keyboard does not come up automatically.

  32. 32 Binh Truong

    * What I like Opera Mini on Bold:
    - Before I use Opera because I love Opera for Desktop
    - I like zoom feature in Opera Mini
    - Speed to load page s very good
    - Support Unicode
    - I like sync bookmark, speed dial with Opera Desktop the best
    * What I dislike Opera Mini on Bold:
    - At address bar, link or website can not contain “Space”, I think Opera should support pressing Space key as “Dot” in address bar instead of pressing “Alt+M”.
    - It’s hard to move screen page by screen page. Move from top to bottom works fine. Should support more scroll screen page by screen page
    - Do not support Flash.

  33. 33 yeeliberto

    I really love opera mini that it loads very fast pages and it’s very intuitive plus opera link.

    what I dislike about it is that I cannot use it in a proxy server nor javascript option. Flash I don’t care that much.

  34. 34 Sharon

    I just downloaded Opera so I am still a new user, but I already really like the quick navigation (2,4,6,8). Nice. Trying to scroll through really long web pages with that little “pearl” is a real pain. It’s really hard to get the sensitivity set just right so I love the warp speed scrolling with the ‘8′ key.

  35. 35 gabe

    I like the opera browser on my blackberry storm because it does things that the standard browser doesn’t like: load webpages, actually be able to surf the net, not have to wait 5 minutes to render one page, use java (not have to disable it).

  36. 36 Leo

    I like that opera loads pages faster than the blackberry, firefox and IE browser, still no support for flash.

  37. 37 joe bavone

    Opera Mini offers flexibility that isn’t found in the BB browser.

    I can opt to view the mobile version of most pages or, with a simple click on the menu, the full version. Navigation around full version pages is simple and very intuitive thanks to the mouse cursor; I no longer have to scroll through an entire unending screen to find what I’m looking for (or just merely jump from link to link, missing entire sections of data in between, as frequently happens on the BB Browser.)

    Opera Mini also allows me access to sites and functionality that was missing in the BB Browser, freeing me up to do such mundane (but necessary) tasks as online banking.

    Opera Sync has been a tremendous time-saver since I can get to all my favorites on the Blackberry without having to retype the addresses on the tiny keyboard. I appreciate that when I am typing something into a text field on Opera Mini it opens up a separate screen rather than forcing me to type into a small text box on the original page; many have been the times on BB Browser that I’ve accidentally tabbed out of the field while typing in a password and hit a link, sending me away from the page with an anguished scream.

    On top of all this, Opera Mini is fast, downloading pages in fractions of the time it takes the BB Browser. It provides a more complete, enjoyable browsing experience than I ever thought possible from my Blackberry.

  38. 38 deVil

    Opera (mini or not) awesome!
    It’s free n easy 2 operate… (thats why i like this haha)

    Opera mini + touchscreen = more than u ever imagine!

    Quote of ur life : Just surfing

  39. 39 Cindi R

    I love Opera! It is so easy to use on my Blackberry 8330 - makes browsing quick and effective…

  40. 40 murphythadog

    Opera Mini
    The Good
    - It scrolls through web pages nicely.
    - Loads images fairly quickly
    The Bad
    -When I highlight a box to input text the keyboard doesn’t automatically
    - Entering in text on the browser for the 9530 is awkward, it sometimes has problems with going to the next letter. it overwrites the previous letter.
    The Ugly
    -Took a bit to get installed. Had to set my browser to Blackberry in a couple of places. Then cleared my memory. Then it finally installed.

  41. 41 Jon

    I love the rendering of pages just like on the desktop, but the touch screen link follow through is hard to master consistently, why can’t it just use the screen click like on the Storm Browser?

  42. 42 nemo-maritime

    Main thing I like about Opera is that it is quick and it is almost completely based on touch only. My favorite browser when browsing the net. Man, am I glad Opera is there to make everything easier.

  43. 43 Chris t

    Love this browser. The best and easiest I’ve ever used. Great job guys

  44. 44 Dru J. Alderink

    I love the fact that it is a conservationist when it comes to my data, and with the BlackBerry plan I have, that is a must. I, also, like the sync that it does with my Opera Link. That is pretty awesome. All in all, I would have to say that it adds a major convience to my mobile lifestyle.

    I can’t really say that there is anything that bugs me about it, other than, the color selection. Thanks.

  45. 45 saramhorn

    I love opera mini. Easy to use & very functional. It would be nice to have copy & paste!

  46. 46 Martin Morasch

    I love the Opera sync feature, and have been using Opera mini for a few years now. What’s not to love about it?

  47. 47 Martin Morasch

    People… The flash player is not the browser issue it is an issue that adobe is creating a format small enough for mobile devices. Rumor is that Android phones and BBerry will be the first to run it. Iphone will be left in the dust(thank goodness).

  48. 48 Mark

    Not working on my Blackberry Bold. Rendering is over laying lines and the screen is impossible to read. Disappointing since I used Opera on my previous Windows based phone.

  49. 49 Foster Mah

    nice quick app

  50. 50 Foster Mah

    Nice little app

  51. 51 Sandy Ewazko-Mah

    Finally the ability to copy and paste

  52. 52 Christophe Jean

    Simply the easiest way to synchronize my bookmarks and contact with my desktop :)

  53. 53 Karen

    I LOVE Opera! It’s my favorite browser and has been for years.

    I’ve got to be honest - I don’t own a cell phone or Blackberry, so I can’t tell you what I love about Opera Mini. I CAN tell you, though, that if I could afford one of those items, Opera Mini is the only browser I’d run! I trust Opera more than any other browser. It’s so much more secure…never crashes. I just LOVE Opera.

    I don’t think I should be excluded from winning this contest because I can’t afford a cell phone or Blackberry. I think I should still be able to win since the prize is something I’ve dreamed about forever. I would ADORE going to Norway.

    Please, please, please don’t exclude my entry! I’m already too broke to buy a flippin’ cell phone or Blackberry….don’t kick me while I’m down. :(

    ? Opera ?

  54. 54 Casey

    I love Opera Mini! I love how quick and simple it is to use. With the click of a few buttons, I can reload or switch pages. I can easily change the color of the browser too. I love being able to use Opera Link to synchronize my bookmarks, contacts, and much more. And better yet, it’s free! What’s not to love about it?

    The only thing I’m not to fond of is how it renders some pages. I’ve come across a few sites that just seem to hate Opera Mini (or Mini hates them), but other than that, I have no complaints.

    I will have to admit though- I do have a Nokia phone and that’ll probably make me ineligible, but I still think everyone should know just how awesome Opera is. :)

  55. 55 masoan

    it was good when I use Opera as my browse..
    the quick and the complete to save more web into the search colum.
    it will be nice if we can put more of the quick search colum .

    i use the opera for my internet cafe
    so everyone are happy with it..

    Hope all teh best for Opera

  56. 56 John

    I love Opera Mini because it features Opera Link! Having all my bookmarks synced up wherever I am - home, work, on the road - makes me life a lot easier!
    If only Opera Mobile was released for Blackberrys, I don’t think you could wish for anything better!

  57. 57 MeghanLee

    I was lucky enough to meet a guy who is a fan of Opera, so in order to impress him, I downloaded it on my phone and haven’t looked back since.

    I really enjoy the fact that I can see full pages, and although it is, at times, frustrating to scroll and click, the fact that I can actually *see* a page is well worth it.

    I also enjoy the speed and ease at which I can access everything. Not to mention, the red O on my phone looks adorable.

  58. 58 Joshua kristof

    Opra mini is good. Very fast. Wish trackball was easier to use but otherwise good solid download. Happy with it.

  59. 59 Arturo Linares

    It is the best browser out there: it is fast and stable. I love the speed dial and the zoom function.

    You can sync the bookmarks, notes and the speed dial with your desktop opera browser. It would be nice to sync feeds too.

  60. 60 Jason

    Opera is by far the fastest browser.

  61. 61 Sean Dandy


    Best Browser for the BB Storm indeed. Less lag than the BB Browser, and much more robust as far as the Browsing experience goes….

    Awesome to say the least!

  62. 62 tarun

    like its user interface dislike mini is not compatible with low end phones

  63. 63 Karen Clark

    What I like most about Opera is the ability to access my University’s website and post assignments and answers. I initially thought that functionality was limited to those who use an iPhone as the website for the University of Phoenix states that it is supported by the iPhone. Using the Blackberry browser I could not access or post assignments. Knowing that Opera Mini has more functionality than the Blackberry browser, I downloaded Opera Mini and the surprise and delight of myself and my Blackberry carrying colleagues, we discovered that we had the same functionality of those “iPhone toting people!” I love Opera Mini because I no longer have to carry my laptop everywhere I go. As an online instructor for the University of Phoenix, that is priceless.

  64. 64 Toochief

    So far, I’ve enjoyed the expierience. has a good interface and stable function on my Storm.

  65. 65 Josh

    The fat lady is singing Opera! What I like best is the ability to view pages in landscape mode. I’m just getting started and I think you’ll find it of great use if you download it also.

  66. 66 andrew

    I like the UI and how it feels like a more substantial browser than the stock one. However the navigation still takes a lot of work (too much pearl movement).

  67. 67 David

    I have used Opera Mini for years now and it’s definitely a feature rich browser that caused a lot of stock mobile browsers to step their game up. The only problem I’ve consistently encountered is every phone I’ve used it with lags on text inputting, which I’m assuming is a memory issue as a result of being written in java. I don’t know if it’s particularly memory intensive to use java, or if phones just aren’t designed with the amount of ram it takes to offer a truly portable desktop replacement (in regards to browsing only) - I’m sure it’s a little of both. The other thing, and it’s really minor, is having to click the trackball in input fields to begin typing, rather than simply texting once the field is highlighted. This also may be a java thing.

    On the whole though, Opera Mini is all sorts of win and has been for years.

  68. 68 Allen

    Unfortunately, all of the writing is jumbled up and I can’t read too much on it. I may just need to configure it or something though

  69. 69 scott mclaughlin

    Opera Mini is the only browser that has been able to handle Orlando’s bus web site and display the schedules before I miss the bus.

  70. 70 Morgan Belford

    It is always exciting the see great software on the BlackBerry platform. The browser is one of the platforms of the future, and mobile Opera is speedy and robust.

    Not to be negative, but I was a little disappointed with the non-in-form data entry on web forms (I use a Bold and Storm, and so am spoiled by the BB browser in OS 4.6+), the lack of Flash support (a holy grail I know), and the inability to paste in a url in that I had copied from an email (the latter seems espcially important if Opera is not the “default browser” on my device.

    I hope the Opera team keeps up the good work, and continues to improve the mobile browsing, and even more important (to me) the mobile web application experience.

  71. 71 Pileosnafu

    HI there;

    I love the Mini because of the full web pages!

  72. 72 Mike D

    Opera is decent. Not exactly a full blown web experience though.

    I wish it supported better copy and paste options though.

    I wish it could be possible to use it as a default browser for links in email too but I understand that isn’t going to be a possibility without a serious overhaul of the blackberry OS. Perhaps it’s time RIM did a complete top to bottom rewrite of the blackberry OS though.

  73. 73 Notaek

    I think Mini is a REAL browser compared to the default BB Browser in OS 4.5. It’s nice to see the full pages.

  74. 74 Shaun Rockett

    When you compare Opera Mini to the default BB browser it is night and day. Makes you wonder why you put up with the default browser for so long!

    Kudos to Opera

  75. 75 Paul Healy

    Opera browser has been a favorite for me on my desktop and now i have most of its features on the phone. Bet items
    -Scalable display
    -Really, Really quick

    All good reason!

  76. 76 A M

    very different to use… not sure whether I prefer this method over the standard.

  77. 77 Bill Sibert

    Just downloaded opera on my bold, let’s see what it does for me

  78. 78 Oscar Hentschel

    Opera Mini is Great!

  79. 79 Mark

    Opera Mini is fantastic! What I like most about Mini is the speed at which pages load. No seconds (sometimes minutes)wasted waiting for JavaScript to load. Most of a page loads quick enough or me to scroll to and zoom the specific area I need.

    Thanks Opera, for making a truely usable mobile web browser.


  80. 80 Dan Entin

    I have a BlackBerry 8330 and I like how it highlights links with a light blue box but I find it very difficult to scroll to the link I want. It either goes too fast or to slow - selecting the link I want in the native BlackBerry browser is easier.

  81. 81 TOM

    I cannot get this to work on My Storm… Installed and reinstalled several times

  82. 82 syclone1978

    I love that Opera Mini picks up where the Blackberry OS browser fails and lets me look at pages as if on my laptop!

  83. 83 Cathy Torres

    Opera mini never freezes up like I.E.. It is the only browser the allows me to log on to my work system and it real easy to use!

  84. 84 Lomion

    I like the zoom feature and how it renders pages.

  85. 85 brad bloch

    I hope this makes sense…..Mari Asp is a multiple sport record holding athlete from Lillestrom Norway.She has set two world records in the past year and has been on 4 National Teams in Gymnastics, Fitness & Powerlifting…..SHE DOES ONE OTHER THING AND ONE OTHER THING ONLY- BLACKBERRY!!!!!

    To win your contest and be sent to her home for a week courtesy of Blackberry would be like a gold medal to her….she rarely has the ability to much more than just train and exist.We are heading for England to the World Finals and have the USPF Nationals in Las Vegas the week prior….please check her out and consider her her email is….her Blackberry is her world.She sent me this link….Send her to see her parents,she earned it.

  86. 86 Jose

    It loads fast enough on my 8120. I don’t like the fact that the landscape mode does not work. Also the convenience keys for some reason get disabled. Overall, I have used it quite well, and it does serve its purpose.

  87. 87 andi

    i love opera mini on my BB!!!

  88. 88 Dave

    I like that it loads fast, and there are clearly things that I like more about it. It renders some pages better, and the way you zoom is nicer.

    However, the browser in OS 4.6 (Curve 8900) has some upgrades that make it better for some things, like its column view and the way it renders some sites.

    So, like my desktop browsers, I’ll keep both - and use both.

  89. 89 danielle

    It’s nice. Prefer it to the standard bb internet interface

  90. 90 Dennis Bournique

    Opera Mini 4.2 is my favorite BlackBerry application of all. I’ve written about it many times on my blog including a post today ( ) specifically covering Opera Mini and BlackBerries. Here’s a summary which I’d like to submit as my entry to the “The ultimate BlackBerry Cool contest - all inclusive trip to Norway and more”.

    What I like about Opera Mini

    1) Speed - Mini talks to the Internet through a very sophisticated proxy provided by Opera. The proxy does all the hard work - parsing tag soup, re-flowing pages, resizing images and interpreting JavaScript. What gets sent to Mini after the proxy has done it’s magic is a compressed binary that requires relatively little processing power to render on the handset. This means that web pages, especially large complex pages with many images, load and render much faster than they would using the phone’s built-in browser.

    2) Website Compatibility - The BlackBerry browser has trouble rendering many desktop Web pages; hangs, errors and rendering issues are common. With the BlackBerry browser you are pretty much limited to made for mobile sites and simple desktop ones. Opera Mini can quickly load almost any site.

    3) Mobile View - Opera Mini has two different viewing modes. The default is “Desktop View” which shows a miniaturized version of a full sized web page (image, top). You move around to find an interesting section and then zoom in to view just that section full sized. This mode is good for viewing wide content like tables and the detail in images. The other mode is “Mobile View” which re-sizes images and reformats text into a single column so that horizontal scrolling is never needed. Mobile view may not be as pretty as desktop view, but it sure is efficient, especially for pages with lots of text. Desktop View does try to minimize horizontal scrolling by resizing individual columns to page width, but you still need to scroll horizontally as text flows around images and continues in a different column. Horizontal scrolling is a time waster, as is navigating the zoomed out view to find the main content of a page. With Mobile View reading long articles is very efficient, no scrolling is needed, just an occasional tap of the space bar or “8′ key to scroll to the next page.

    4) Keyboard Shortcuts - Opera Mini which has a huge list of 1 and 2 key shortcuts like # plus 0 to refresh the page and # plus 7 to bookmark the current page. And then there is Speed Dial gives you quick access to your 9 favorite bookmarks by pressing * plus 1-9 (image - above, left). Plus there are a bunch of 1 key shortcuts in desktop view; 2 = page up, 8 = page down, 4 = column left, 6 = column right.

    5) Offline Browsing - Opera can load very large pages. I routinely open web pages over 500 KB in size. With BlackBerries using OS 4.2 or latter Mini can save pages in non-volatile storage on the phone’s memory card or main memory. Saved pages can be viewed anytime even in no service areas like deep underground. Actually you don’t even need to save pages to browse offline in Opera Mini thanks to its enormous and very efficient cache. You can have 20-30 big web pages with lots of images in the cache and jump instantly back and forth through them using the history menu, even in areas of no connectivity. I used to do an hour long rail commute, much of it in areas with no reception, and used Opera Mini and Bloglines Mobile to keep up with the hundreds of RSS feeds that I follow. Before I got on my bike for the ride to the train station, I’d fire up Opera Mini, launch Bloglines and choose the “nn Updated Feeds” which loads all the unread items from all my feeds as a single huge web page. When I got to the train station the huge page was fully loaded with dozens of items - about 30 minutes worth of reading. The tunnels are in the first part of the trip so by the time I finished that first page I was back in an area of connectivity.

    6) Bookmarklet Support- Bookmarklets, snippets of JavaScript stored in a browser bookmark, are an extremely powerful tool for making your mobile surfing faster and easier. With two key presses you can subscribe to a feed in your favorite RSS reader, save a link to the current page on over a dozen different bookmarking services , translate the current page to a different language, display the current page’s HTTP headers, source code or Google Page rank and much more. See for dozens of bookmarklets that work with Opera Mini along with installation instructions.

    7) Opera Link - Opera Mini and desktop Opera 9.5 and have Opera Link which synchronizes your Opera Mini bookmarks with the desktop for easy editing and as a backup. If you switch to a new phone or have to reinstall your BlackBerry OS, as soon as you log into Opera Link all your bookmarks and Speed Dial shortcuts magically appear on your phone.

    8) Support - Opera provides the best support I’ve ever experienced for a free product from a large company. On the Opera Mini User Forum, Opera employees promptly answer questions and solicit suggestions for future enhancements. When problems are reported with specific phones, Opera often finds a fix in a few days and puts up a new release to solve the issue.

    Of course no piece of software is perfect. My top gripes about Opera Mini (with the workarounds I’ve found):

    1) Missing Images - With large pages, over 100 KB, Mini runs low on Java stack space. Which this happens it starts to skip images. The text all loads but graphics and photos are replaced by gray rectangular pace holders. There is no real fix for this but you can load more images by selecting “Low” image quality in the Settings menu and by turning off “Visual effects” and using Mobile View. You can also use Opera Mini 3.1, an older version that splits large pages into multiple segments and is able to display all images. Another issue with images is that in Mobile View, Opera Mini doesn’t display images that are less than about 20 px wide. Usually these small images are relatively unimportant spacing elements but sometimes they impart critical information like star ratings on review sites. The workaround is to switch to desktop view or to use Opera Mini 3.1 which doesn’t have this issue. Note that Opera Mini 3.1, while it avoids these and some other issues, is no longer supported by Opera and is a much more primitive browser lacking many of 4.2’s features like Opera Link, Desktop View and the ability to save pages.

    2) Mobile View Sometimes Isn’t - On some pages, especially Blogger Blogs and mobile versions of sites, the Mobile View setting is ignored and horizontal scrolling is necessary. The only workaround is to use Opera Mini 3.1 which doesn’t have this bug.

    3) Mobile View Page Scrolling Bug - I think this only effects the older BlackBerry models that have a scroll wheel on the side. On these phones, scrolling up and down with the “2″,”8″ and space keys sometimes jumps two pages up or down instead of one. Workarounds are using Alt plus scroll wheel to scroll a page at a tine or switching to Desktop View.

    4) Connectivity Issue - Occasionally Opera Mini 4.2 gets into a state where it can’t connect. When this happens the error log (Alt + “LGLG”) sometimes shows “DNS failure” or “Too Many Open Connections”. Other data aware applications like Gmail, the Bolt and BlackBerry browsers and even Opera Mini 3.1 continue to work without error. Toggling the phone’s radio on and off and even power cycling do not resolve the issue. The only thing that seems to work is a complete reboot with Alt + Caps + Del on QWERTY models or a battery pull on SureType phones. Unfortunately, as every BlackBerry user knows, a reboot takes a couple of minutes. Fortunately this bug seems to occur fairly infrequently.

    Hope to see even more Opera Mini coverage on BlackBerry Cool. It’s so good everyone should be using it.

  91. 91 Charlie

    It is a tough decision whether to stay with the a system built for the blackberry or switch and possibly run into glitches. I will try it to see how I like it.

  92. 92 cameron

    I love how fast opera mini has become. I have used it since it was in beta for blackberry. I is superfast and great to take on alot of webpages. If only it can be the default BB browser..

  93. 93 Lou Graziani

    This might sound trivial, but the buttons seem like they are designs that have been done to death…

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