Visible Vote updated with Facebook integration and more

visible vote

Visible Vote for BlackBerry has been updated and it’s also now available in App World. New features include:

1. Job Approval Ratings for each Legislator that represents you plus the President.
2. Facebook Comment Integration - You can now leave comments on each bill and legislator for your Facebook Friends to read.
3. Bills now have a filter function to better find bills that matter to you.
4. Each Bill now has buttons that will take you to the actual bill and media sources with articles on each bill.
5. Download your Legislators full voting records without having to vote.

Download Visible Vote for your BlackBerry for free.

The old features still remain the same and have been a little cleaned up:

1. Send a Letter to your Legislators through your Blackberry.
2. Vote on the same Bills as your legislators and tell them how to Vote on those bills from the program.
3. After Legislators vote it will cross compare your vote to theirs and give you an agreement percentage.
4. Sends a letter every week with the constituents vote tallies.

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    Visible Vote updated with Facebook integration and more

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