What BES admins can see on your connected BlackBerry


Super Moderator Joolie at the Port3101 forum answers a question that BES administrators have been asked many times: “What can my BES administrator see on my personal device if I connect it to the BES?”

The article doesn’t seem to specify whether Joolie is running BES 5.0. Some administrators will wait for the 2nd service pack before committing to a full upgrade.

What syncs/is stored/is accessed by the BES includes:

* Corporate email
* Corporate calendar
* Corporate PIM data (address book, memo pad, tasks)
* Browser bookmarks
* Password Keeper data (although this cannot be accessed in any way, even when restored to another device, without the PK password)
* PIN messaging data (including the actual message sent/received); logging turned off by default
* Phone call data (date/time of call, number called/received, length of call); loggined turned on by default
* Text message data (including the actual verbage of the text message); logging turned off by default
* Blackberry Messenger data (this one is extremely klunky to get and I don’t know a single BES Admin that turns this one on)
* All applications installed on the device (games, stock apps, etc.)
* OS version installed on the device (so we’ll know if you upgraded to a beta OS!)

In addition anything that is a part of automatic wireless backup could *technically* be viewed by performing a restore to a new device.

What a BES Admin can’t see:

* BIS email messages (I *might* be able to see what service books you have, but cannot read the messages)
* 3rd party IM messages (Yahoo!, MSN, etc), although I can see which of these applications you have installed.
* BlackBerry Messenger contact names/PINs


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  1. 1 Joolie

    Thanks for the post! The article was written for 4.1.6, but also applies to 5.0.

  2. 2 Bryan

    So what is the difference between PIN messaging data and Blackberry Messenger data?

  3. 3 Joolie


    PIN messaging is when you go into the Messages application and click ‘Compose PIN’. BlackBerry Messenger data is anything that is sent/received via that application, not the Messages application. Contacts can be added via email or PIN, and the data is transmitted via PIN, but it is seen differently on the BES.

  4. 4 daniesq (Danielle)

    RT @BlackBerryCool: What BES admins can see on your connected BlackBerry http://bit.ly/advV4

  5. 5 blkboxstudioz (Tony Million)

    What BES admins can see on your connected BlackBerry http://bit.ly/advV4

  6. 6 Jeff

    How about web browsing history?

  7. 7 Joolie


    Browsing history is logged by the BES if it’s done via the BlackBerry Browser. The internet/WAP Browser history does not - only bookmarks.

    Good question.

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