Win free unlock codes from UniquePhones


UniquePhones is running a contest for BlackBerry Cool readers called the 3-2-1 Contest. The company is giving away 20 free unlock codes to randomly selected UniquePhones supporters.  The stronger your support, the more likely you are to win.

Go to UniquePhones to show your support and win free unlock codes.

The contest runs through August 5, 11:59 PM EDT, and the winners will be contacted shortly thereafter.  Good luck!

17 Responses to “Win free unlock codes from UniquePhones”

  1. 1 Zed

    Here’s to receiving a free unlock code! Cheers UniquePhones.

  2. 2 ray nicolini

    Here is my post hoping for a free unlock for my 8900 curve. I will tweeas well

  3. 3 Cyrus

    Here is my post to receive an unlock code for the 9630!

  4. 4 James L

    I’d love to win an unlock code! Pick me!

  5. 5 jet

    I want an unlock code for 9530!

  6. 6 onegreatsmile

    Who wants an unlock code? Me, thats who! (And probably a couple thousand other people). But I’ve got the good lottery karma :)

  7. 7 korin

    I could us some free codes

  8. 8 Blair

    Just picked up a new backup phone that is in need of an unlock!

  9. 9 BlackBerryCool (BlackBerry Cool)

    Win free unlock codes from UniquePhones

  10. 10 OseOhen (Ose Ohen)

    RT @BlackBerryCool: Win free unlock codes from UniquePhones

  11. 11 lemensky (Alex Trader)

    RT @BlackBerryCool: Win free unlock codes from UniquePhones

  12. 12 Mikey B

    Unlocking my storm opens up the world to the finger tips! Everyone should give this a try.

  13. 13 pj

    I hope I win

  14. 14 mohan

    my imieno is 359484026629686 black berry 9500kindly send unlock code

  15. 15 sam

    can you get me unlock code for my blackberry 8310. IMEI 355085026512857.

  16. 16 Lisa

    Need unlock code for my wifi to work on blackberry 8320…HELP!

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