Bonus Yachtzee for the BlackBerry Storm - giveaways and discounts

Bonus Yachtzee is two Yachtzee games rolled into one. Classic Yachtzee closely follows the rules of the classic Yahtzee dice game that you have played for years.

Bonus Yachtzee plays very much like Power Yahtzee. It is the high scoring, action packed cousin of Yahtzee. Bonus Yachtzee is played with a bonus die in addition to the 5 regular dice. The bonus die may allow a player to earn 2 or 3 times the regular score for a given roll. It also may have the player freeze, and be forced to score their roll immediately. Additionally, the bonus die may allow the player to record the roll under 2 scoring categories or allow them an extra roll (very helpful when going for a yachtzee). Bonus Yachtzee also has additional categories in which a player can record a score.

You choose whether you want to Shake to Roll or Click to Roll your dice.


  • Shake to Roll (uses Storm’s accelerometer) or Click to Roll
  • 1 - 4 Players. Play by yourself or with some friends.
  • 2 games for the price of one. Bonus Yachtzee and Classic Yachtzee.
  • Great soud effects.
  • Addictive game play.
  • Easy and instinctive game play.

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UPDATE: The company has removed the Shake to Roll feature from the current version of the software. They are currently working on refining the Shake algorithm. When the Shake algorithm is done, it will be included as a free update so that it can be dowloaded by all.

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