Increasing BlackBerry device memory for bigger and better apps

RIM has updated their App World documentation from version 1.0 to version 1.1 and there are a couple interesting changes.

The most interesting feature is the ability to store applications on the SD card to be used later. BlackBerry users will be able to remove applications and reinstall them without paying a second time. BlackBerry App World archives a record of the application to save memory and so that the user does not have to maintain the application on the BlackBerry device.

Some BlackBerry users have complained that the Flash memory on the device is too small, and that it’s stagnating to the app experience and development process. For example, some iPhone games are upwards of 100mb, which until recently wouldn’t make any sense to download. Now we’ll be able to download applications which are much larger in size, and only call them to the device when needed.

From a technical standpoint, the SD card isn’t able to run applications. This would be great in that you could be running very large apps without worrying about using too much of your on-device memory. Currently, it just can’t work because the SD card and the Java “brain” don’t communicate in that fashion. There are also a ton of quality assurance concerns with running an app from an SD card. RIM can’t control the quality of the SD card and therefore would lose control of the software experience. Keeping software running on the flash memory maintains internal control.

In the end, this is a small step in the right direction but we aren’t totally there. On device memory should be in the tens of gigs, in order to future proof the device.

See the official documentation from RIM.

Question: What are some of the larger apps you’ve downloaded?


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  1. 1 CJ

    Claiming that they can’t control the experience by letting an app run from an SD card is a cop out. I’ve been WM user longer than I’ve been a BB user and I’ve run thousands of apps from SD cards with no degradation of the experience when compared to running it from device memory. Man-up already and admit your setup is flawed RIM. I still love my BB Storm though!

  2. 2 Randy A.

    One thing I don’t understand. On my Storm, under Device Memory, it says there is 879.2MB of total space and Free Space of 874.6MB. What is the purpose of this memory and why can’t more of it be allocated to Application Memory?

  3. 3 J

    I have been using Aerize Card loader for 2 years now. It allows you to store AND run apps from your media card. Its great to not have to worry about filling up device memory and dealing with memory leaks and random resets. I think every BB owner should have this app

  4. 4 DavidB

    The limited memory is THE MOST nonsensical hardware limitation. There is no excuse for a device is 2009 to have less than 100MB of usable memory (Storm). Or even less on most other models except Tour.

    And no, Aerize doesn’t “run” apps fron SD. It swaps it from SD into Application Memory and then runs it and swans it out when not active.

  5. 5 J

    Thanks for the info DavidB. Even if Aerize Card loader doesn’t actually run apps from SD, it still allows the user to install a huge amount of apps and Aerize manages everything from there. I think its a good interim solution to the extremely limited memory available now.

  6. 6 Xandrex


    what is the features comparison between this and the Aerize card loader ?

  7. 7 Randy A.


    You say RIM has updated the App World documentation to 1.1. What about the program itself? Has it been updated?

  8. 8 DavidB

    Guys, nobody knows when this will launch or the full feature list. Check the source article, it was a post from Ronen reading a document found on the web and extracting some mentioned features to talk about. There are no details beyond that nor has RIM announced anything!

    I guess the posts about this should have been tagged “rumor” or “speculation” or “pre release info subject to change, refining, or revocation”…

  9. 9 ed

    I tried aerize once and did not like how it was kludgey.

  10. 10 Joe W.

    This is off topic a bit but since the article mentions the new appworld application, I would like to caution people to go to the blackberry forums before downloading this new app. There are some issues with the curve and you may want to wait till Rim resolves these issues. Especially if you have the older “working” version of app world.

  11. 11 Chan W.

    I am a ‘newby’ with my BB (Storm), and I’ve been really disappointed at the limitations I’ve found in (what ought to be) a ‘leading edge’ device.

    The Sony TH55 (PalmOS) was what I’d hoped the Storm would replace (the TH55 is 5 year old technology), but what I’ve seen so far of the evolution of the Blackberry, in the Storm, it hasn’t even surpassed that Palm device, in software capabilities anyway.

    LauncherX for PalmOS, swapped code in and out of main memory to run it, and was able to access a 4G SD card and bring software into the 32meg main RAM space.

    The only thing I have with the Storm, that lacked in the Sony is an integrated phone, and an on-board GPS. The software that’s available falls far short, vs what’s available for the Sony.

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