Microsoft Dynamics CRM mobile solution from MobileAccess 4.5

TenDigits Software have announced the launch of their MobileAccess V4.5, mobile CRM solution.

With MobileAccess 4.5, users can have the same Microsoft Dynamics CRM functionality that they get in the office, on the go. From your BlackBerry, you get access to core CRM functions such as CRM record searches and lookups, and creating, editing, deleting and assigning records. Additionally, MobileAccess gives you the ability to:

* Open and forward documents and attachments
* Set independent user personalization
* Quickly share CRM records by email with others
* Receive Alert Notifications of newly created or assigned records

This latest release of MobileAccess includes the Smart Actionable Alerts feature. This feature takes a different approach to alerts in that it does not rely on email or SMS messages. The alerts are available directly on the device, allowing the user to take immediate action. While I am not positive of the technology behind this alert system, I suspect it uses the RIM Push API’s, to have alerts immediately sent to the device.

This latest release also includes the ability to upload photo images, GPS coordinates, or any file (i.e. audio, video) from your BlackBerry to Dynamics CRM. The software also includes support for some of the latest BlackBerry devices, including the Storm and the Tour.

In general, BlackBerry and mobile have had an incredible impact on CRM. Managing contacts is a core strength of smartphones and CRM solutions utilize this technology well. While there are many CRM solutions for BlackBerry, it’s important to evaluate what competitive advantages each solution offers, and which is right for your organization.

For more information, see the MobileAccess site.

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