Official BlackBerry social network and forums MyBlackBerry UPDATE

UPDATE: Sorry folks, it turns out RIM actually hasn’t made it public even though a notice went out saying it was live at midnight. I’ll keep you posted.

RIM seems to be rolling out a full social networking plan. First, they launch their official blog, and now they have a forum and social network called MyBlackBerry.

The site is in a beta stage and the community is still relatively small, but RIM has an opportunity to grow it into something really big. I’m not sure if it’s possible, but if RIM could leverage the carriers’ help, they could message North American BlackBerry users and instantly make it the biggest BlackBerry social network out there.

While forums are already present in the space, and we already have some great BlackBerry blogs (ahem), the industry still lacks a social network with the numbers to make it what we want. A social network of millions of BlackBerry users, all exchanging BlackBerry related news and information, would be great for the industry.

Check out MyBlackBerry and make a profile.

14 Responses to “Official BlackBerry social network and forums MyBlackBerry UPDATE”

  1. 1 ken

    Can’t register without an invitation code. got one?

  2. 2 Sir Bergersworth

    How do you get a invite?
    The website says you need a invite to sign up.

  3. 3 Carol

    Still no way to get in…. Link above doesn’t even take you to the page anymore…

  4. 4 Kyle

    The link should work now.

  5. 5 Carol

    Thanks, link works, but you still need a code. :(

  6. 6 conedude13

    they were prolly all out last night catching the premier of potter! :P

  7. 7 olswayback

    Where is the stinking invite key!!!!

  8. 8 Robert

    If it’s anything like the BlackBerry Lounge it will be an epic fail. I’ll stick to BlackBerryForums, than you very much!

  9. 9 steve

    If this is a “social forum” why would you need an invitation???

  10. 10 Faisal

    invitation code ????????

  11. 11 Martin

    Fuck! I not have the fucking invitation code! I have not idea how to get one! please help me mi pin is 2427D9E4 Thanks!

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