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BlackBerry Cool Reminder: Deal of the Day is a cool theme



Today’s BlackBerry Cool Deal of the Day is another “natureful” theme that looks a lot like something you’d see on your desktop. The green background is visually appealing. There are plenty of customization options (icons and background) too.

Normal Price is $7.00. Deal-of-the-Day price is just $3.50.

The Top 10 BlackBerry apps for summer travel


@ASacco put up a piece yesterday highlighting his 10 favorite apps for summer travel. The list is a nice roundup of some of the software you’ll need to stay organized, entertained and generally have a great summer.

Pandora for BlackBerry – Free

Pandora is a free streaming radio app for BlackBerry that lets you create stations based on artists, songs or composers of your choice. The app will learn from your tastes and offer suggestions you’re sure to like.

TeleNav Navigator – Free 30 day trial

TelevNav is a great solution for those looking to use their GPS-enabled BlackBerry for driving navigation.

Viigo – Free

Viigo is the ultimate content aggregator. With new modules being added constantly, Viigo maximizes the power of RSS to bring everything into one place. News, weather, audio streaming, social networks etc. can all be found in one place.

TweetGenius – Currently unavailable [BlackBerry Cool recommends TwitterBerry – Free]

TwitterBerry is a great free Twitter app for BlackBerry that has a clean UI and all the functionality your average Twitter user needs.

Movies by Flixster – Free on App World

Movies by Flixster gives you access to all your movie needs. Get info about current films, show times, reviews, cast and run-time info, upcoming attractions, new DVD releases and more.

Movela: Netflix Queue Manager – $2.99 on App World

Are you a big Netflix user? Movela helps you organize your account so you can have all your favorite movies ready for you when vacation time starts. Movela even gives recommendations for movies you might like.

WorldMate Live – $99.95 yearly subscription

WorldMate Live is a great way to stay organized while you travel. The app organizes and stores itineraries, including flight and airline info, hotel reservations, car rentals, meeting locales and much more.

Poynt – Free

Poynt is one of the best LBS apps available for BlackBerry. The app gives you access to a white pages search, movie theater listings and ticket purchasing, businesses and the app will soon come with a restaurant finder powered by Open Table.

Shazam – Free in App World

Shazam will help you figure out what music you’re listening to with an innovative “tag” system. Play the song from your computer, stereo etc. and Shazam will tell you what you’re listening to and how to buy it.

Ka-Glom – Free in App World

If you like the “connect four” style games, you’ll love Ka-Glom. It’s sort of like Tetris gone crazy. Try it out and you will surely be addicted!



The BlackBerry 9700 is the BlackBerry Onyx?


Today, you may have noticed that we put up a story saying the BlackBerry 9700 is the BlackBerry Onyx. We posted saying that the specs released on BGR of the BlackBerry 9700, were actually the specs for the Onyx, known as the 9020.

We had some internal arguments here at BlackBerry Cool as to what was going on with the BlackBerry naming system. Everyone has seen the screenshots of the 9020, and it was throwing us off. The post was pulled and we’ve come to a consensus about what is going on.

BlackBerry Cool is guessing that CrackBerry is using an outdated device number and the 9700 is just the BlackBerry Onyx, formerly known as the 9020. Here are our arguments:

  • RIM has a history of changing device numbers before release. This is nothing new.
  • The specs of the 9700 are the same as the “9020”
  • Also, we’ve been getting a lot of emails from tipsters saying so. Here is a quote from one source: “I have seen, touched, and used the Onyx and in the About screen it says 9700. It looks like the 9020 screenshots that are going around and it has a Bold-like back.”

Let’s wait for the release and see if BlackBerry Cool is right. It’s possible that the 9700 could be a device with the same specs as the 9020 with a slider or a touchscreen, but the truth is always much simpler.

Unknown BlackBerry 9700 details vague but intriguing UPDATE


UPDATE: Forget this post. The BlackBerry 9700 is the BlackBerry Onyx.

There isn’t much to say here but a BGR source sent over some of the specs for the unnamed BlackBerry 9700. The device looks like it has the fundamentals of a good device, but these days it’s all about form factor.

The BlackBerry 9700 will come with:

* Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE
* 480×360 resolution display
* Wi-Fi a,b,g
* OS 5.0
* QWERTY keyboard
* 3.2 megapixel AF camera
* Bluetooth

What do you think the BlackBerry 9700 is all about?



Increasing BlackBerry device memory for bigger and better apps



RIM has updated their App World documentation from version 1.0 to version 1.1 and there are a couple interesting changes.

The most interesting feature is the ability to store applications on the SD card to be used later. BlackBerry users will be able to remove applications and reinstall them without paying a second time. BlackBerry App World archives a record of the application to save memory and so that the user does not have to maintain the application on the BlackBerry device.

Some BlackBerry users have complained that the Flash memory on the device is too small, and that it’s stagnating to the app experience and development process. For example, some iPhone games are upwards of 100mb, which until recently wouldn’t make any sense to download. Now we’ll be able to download applications which are much larger in size, and only call them to the device when needed.

From a technical standpoint, the SD card isn’t able to run applications. This would be great in that you could be running very large apps without worrying about using too much of your on-device memory. Currently, it just can’t work because the SD card and the Java “brain” don’t communicate in that fashion. There are also a ton of quality assurance concerns with running an app from an SD card. RIM can’t control the quality of the SD card and therefore would lose control of the software experience. Keeping software running on the flash memory maintains internal control.

In the end, this is a small step in the right direction but we aren’t totally there. On device memory should be in the tens of gigs, in order to future proof the device.

See the official documentation from RIM.

Question: What are some of the larger apps you’ve downloaded?



New free puzzle game Pixelated for the BlackBerry Storm



UPDATE: Sorry guys, should have mentioned it’s only for the Storm 9500 and 9530.

Pixelated is an interesting puzzle game that requires changing pixel colors until your screen is single solid color. To do this, you use a combination of colored buttons on the bottom of the screen to change the color of the squares in the upper left hand corner.

It’s a little difficult to explain but it’s a simple game to play. There are 2 versions of the game: Pixelated and Pixelated Plus. While Pixelated lacks some of the advanced features found in Pixelated Plus, such as stat tracking and additional playing modes, Pixelated is still a fully functioning game with no limits on it’s game play.

Pixelated is available free on App World.