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Free BlackBerry themes with a minimalistic feel



These free themes are incredibly minimalistic which is exactly what is great about them. While many themes try and impress you with big graphics and fancy icons, sometimes it’s nice to not see anything at all.

PureLab are offering two, free minimalistic themes:

1) pure.system: a minimalistic and clean theme.

2) pure.system overdrive: an extended version of pure.system with hidden dock and highly customizable home screen.

To download your free apps, see the PureLab site.

Get train schedules from your BlackBerry with Trainlogic 2.1


TrainSchedule is a great piece of software for commuters and travelers in the US. The app shows you schedule information on upcoming trains for the next 2 weeks and includes a railroad trip planner. If your device has GPS, you can track yourself while on the train.

The above video is user generated and it’s a fairly good review of the product.

Purchase TrainSchedule on sale for $6.75 until Jul 29.

TIME launches free customizable BlackBerry app


time blackberry app

Polar Mobile have been churning out some great apps and their latest is the free application. The app is customizable in that you can select what sections appear on the app’s homepage, much like your Google page.

The app includes up-to-the-minute news, top photos of the day and the daily Top 10 lists. If you’re an avid reader, you’re sure to love this app.

To download, visit from your BlackBerry Browser.

BlackBerry Tip: Use Gmail to archive deleted BlackBerry messages



One of the downsides of being a BIS user is that you don’t get the ability to archive your deleted BlackBerry emails. Well there is a way to do it and it has changed my life.

If you’re like me, you have drunk the Cool-Aid and you’re using Google Calendar, Reader, Docs (which I’m writing this on right now) etc. Even though you love Google products, you can’t make the jump to Android because, when it comes to communication and getting things done, nothing is better than BlackBerry.

There have been rumors of a BlackBerry plugin for Gmail for ages, but it’s taking a long time and we’re not hearing much news about it. Until then, here is a solution for archiving your deleted BlackBerry emails using Gmail.
Click through to read a step by step tutorial on how to archive BlackBerry emails with Gmail

Reminder: BlackBerry Cool Deal of the Day still going strong



As of July 28th, we’re on Day 6 of our Deal-of-the-Day campaign in the BlackBerry Cool Store. Today’s deal is MP3 Ringtone Creator, which is half price.

MP3 Ringtone Creator by Javatek Media provides a convenient way to take songs (MP3 files only) stored in your BlackBerry or on a media card, and create your own ringtones.  The process takes place on-device (no computer software is required). Compared to the price of downloading ringtones, this app pays for itself many times over.

Normal Price is $6.95.  Deal-of-the-Day price is just $3.47.

Dual screen BlackBerry theme offers up to 10 customizable icons



Elecite recently launched their latest theme called Eerie. This theme has been optimized for maximum performance so don’t worry about it slowing down your device.

With Eerie, you get a dual screen experience with optional wallpapers and 4-5 icons, making for a grand total of 8-10 customizable icons. The only downside is that the dual screen function is not available for 8300 and 8800 models.

Purchase the latest Eerie theme for $6.99.