Win 1 of 5 3-Month Subscriptions to Slacker Radio Plus

Slacker Radio Plus

Those crazy kids at Slacker are at it, again! This time we have five 3-month subscriptions to the awesome Slacker Radio Plus service to give away. Slacker Radio Plus features:

* Unlimited Skips

* Unlimited Song Requests

* No Audio or Banner Ads

* Complete Lyrics

* Over 2 Million Songs

Also, Slacker features real live DJ’s who program the stations to ensure you get the most rockin’ music possible.

Interested in winning? Slap those keys and let us know about it in the comments. The contest ends on Monday at noon CDT. Good Luck!

Note: The winners will need to register with, if you aren’t already registered, to get the upgrade to Radio Plus. Good luck!

35 Responses to “Win 1 of 5 3-Month Subscriptions to Slacker Radio Plus”

  1. 1 casper663

    I like slacker and Pandora but if i had a choice i would choose slacker for the interface and the look of slacker. Thank you BBCool for the contest. Cross my fingers, and hitting my heels together.

  2. 2 A zammit

    I know what to turn to if SiriusXM goes under :D

  3. 3 Tiffany

    OMG!!! I love Slacker!! I mean who doesn’t! You can create you’re own playlist, cache them to listen off line and it’s all the best songs! Not to mention they have new songs too. I would love to win this contest!!! I’d listen to it in my sleep. lol *crosses fingers, grabs rabbit’s foot, and kidnaps leprechaun*

  4. 4 Firegrove

    I didn’t initially like Slacker because I didn’t understand how to use it. Now, I love it. I have used Slacker and Pandora and the option to be able to save/cache channels on your phone for when you don’t have service, is awesome. I recommend it to everyone I can.

  5. 5 Jason

    SLACK IS THE BOMB!!! I think if I had to choose 3 things to live off of they would be food, beer and SLACKER!! Keep it up Slacker Gods:)

  6. 6 Sjon

    I could see going back to Slacker.

  7. 7 Steve Stewart

    Cool, love Slacker Radio.

  8. 8 D Storm Usr

    I have to say slacker > pandora because slacker plays more up to date music and seems to have a better selection. If a artist I like just comes out with new music I will hear it first on slacker before pandora…..waaay before pandora. I would like more skips. :)

  9. 9 JohnnyMac

    +20 for Slacker. I currently have Slacker Plus (paid for it right after they launched on BB - so awesome) but could use an extra 3 months babeeee.

    Yes - make it so!

  10. 10 Dane Greening

    I really like Slacker Radio. I listen to the Christian Rock station whenever I can. I tried Pandora but Slacker is my favorite.

  11. 11 Jason

    If I win, I promise to put this wonderfully amazing app to good use each and every day!

  12. 12 mrvtx

    Use both Slacker and Pandora, but Stacker seems more flexible

  13. 13 blane

    Oh, oh, me, me, me.

  14. 14 mewalke

    i LOVE slacker radio but haven’t shelled out the cash for Plus. I would love to win!!!

  15. 15 Jerry

    Love Slacker. Would really love winning one of the 5-3 months Slacker Radio Plus.

  16. 16 DavidB

    DavidB >NEEDS< Slacker Radio Plus!

  17. 17 Trey

    I’d love a chance to get the Slacker Plus upgrade. I enjoy the look and feel of Slacker more so than Pandora even though I’m currently using both of the free services about equally.

  18. 18 Redzapper

    count me in please!!

  19. 19 Doug

    I love Slacker, especially the ability to cache stations.

  20. 20 Joseph

    Pick Me Pick Me

  21. 21 MisterRx (MisterRx)

    RT @BlackBerryCool: Win 1 of 5 3-Month Subscriptions to Slacker Radio Plus

  22. 22 TorontoWireless (Ray Nicolini)

    RT @BlackBerryCool: Win 1 of 5 3-Month Subscriptions to Slacker Radio Plus

  23. 23 Grant

    Awesome app, miles ahead of the other bb radio options. Hope I win!!

  24. 24 Robert

    I just love Slacker, it’s what gets me through my work day

  25. 25 Lance

    By far my favorite BB audio app. Perfect for my old school rap fix while cutting the grass.

  26. 26 Pablo

    Awesome I love Slacker, and a few free months of plus would be great!

  27. 27 SaloMog

    Slacker is so much better than any Pandora or even flycast…if i wasn’t a poor college student i would have gotten it already

  28. 28 Geran Smith

    I hope I win. I want to try out Slacker.

  29. 29 Chad D


  30. 30 Andraus

    I really love this app. Its a lot better than Pandora in my option. Slacker allows to to choose from a WIDE variety of generes and Pandora doesnt.

  31. 31 Ted

    I love Slacker. I have about a dozen stations cached on my Curve. I’d love to win the 3 month plus subscription. I gave XM the boot because Slacker works for me.

  32. 32 David

    Pick me; Slacker>Pandora

  33. 33 Viv Bistak

    Does winning free Slacker make you a slacker?
    Hope not.

  34. 34 likeabite

    I’d really love one of these…I love SLACKER!!!

  35. 35 Noel

    The only thing that could make Slacker any better would be to have unlimited skips!

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