BlackBerry Developer’s Blog roundup - hidden API’s and how to’s

The BlackBerry Developer’s Blog is posting very regularly like a good blog should while Inside BlackBerry hasn’t had a post in almost a week. It’s truly a shame in that Inside BlackBerry could be a very popular place for users to get an inside look at both RIM and BlackBerry, but the blog simply lacks enough content.

The BlackBerry Developer’s Blog, on the other hand, has had almost 2 posts per day since launch and the content is both interesting and helpful.

Here is a brief roundup of what you can find on the BlackBerry Developer’s Blog:

Media Actions API in BlackBerry JDE v5.0.0 How-To

The Media Actions API is a new feature in the BlackBerry Development Environment v5.0 (Beta). This article will show you how you can write an application that uses the media key buttons, in the same way that the media player does: respond to media key presses while in the background, and respond to key presses on connected wired headsets and paired Bluetooth headsets.

Check out the article for a well-written explanation as well as some examples.

BlackBerry API Hidden Gems

In this 2 part series called BlackBerry API Hidden Gems, the BlackBerry Developer’s Blog shows you some hidden API’s that can help you write a better application. These API’s can help you to be more efficient and avoid memory leaks.

Be sure to check out Part 2 of BlackBerry API Hidden Gems.

BlackBerry Developer Conference Registration now live!

This article is a good spot to get some details regarding the BlackBerry Developer Conference.

BlackBerry Browser Embedded Media Content Automatic Playback How-To

This how-to should help you develop web developers create a site that is more friendly for BlackBerry users and help them deliver much more media-rich sites. Read this article to learn how to embed multimedia files directly within the browser session to provide a more seamless user experience.

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    How come my BlackBerry 8330 Curve won’t download the new FaceBook upgrade?

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    BlackBerry Developer?s Blog roundup - hidden API?s and how to?s

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    BlackBerry Developer?s Blog roundup - hidden API?s and how to?s

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    @crisbergua Puede ser interesante: RT @BlackBerryCool BlackBerry Developer?s Blog roundup - hidden API?s and how to?s

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