BlackBerry Tour premium themes from Elecite

Plazmic has updated their CDK 4.7 to be compatible with the BlackBerry Tour 9630 and companies like Bplay and Elecite are pumping out themes for the device.

Elecite have re-exported 18 of their best selling themes to support the Tour 9630. These themes include: Ulterior, Solar, Eerie, Blossom, Mechanism, Noble, xBerry , Inspirat, Ascarii 2.0, PSB, Droid, Leopard, Grunge, Scion, iBerry, Distinct, Opus and Analog.

Each BlackBerry Tour theme costs $6.99, check out all 18 of them here.

3 Responses to “BlackBerry Tour premium themes from Elecite”

  1. 1 W4LNUT

    My favorites are:
    -Mechanism for the glossy button and blue LED look
    -Chiron for a high-contrast white screen look
    -Ascarri 2.0 has dark tones with red highlights, perfect if you want a match a Bold or Tour-type keyboard
    -Sector if your enjoy the Predator OS
    -Blingin if you feel flashy
    -and Analog if you like your tech to look clockwork futuristic artifact

  2. 2 BlackBerryCool (BlackBerry Cool)

    BlackBerry Tour premium themes from Elecite

  3. 3 Ed

    A Tour (9630) version of Urban would sure be nice.

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