Free BlackBerry music manager Unsynced updates beta

Unsynced is a BlackBerry music manager that is currently in a free beta. It’s a slick looking app that is available for the BlackBerry Bold and the BlackBerry Curve 8900.

Do download, go to from your device.

The latest beta updates include the addition of album art, as well as more efficient scanning and playlist creation.

Unsynced features include:

  • Painstaking care has been taken to ensure Unsynced Music is efficient and predictable.
  • The Unsync button will capture song information. Unsynced does a search on their end and e-mail you the most relevant results so that you won’t forget to “purchase” it when you get home.
  • Use any PC to drag and drop music into folders on your BlackBerry using Mass Storage Mode. Listen to your newly added songs through Browse Files, or quickly create new playlists through Create/Modify Playlists, giving you the freedom to add to your music experience not just at home, but wherever you go.
  • Progress indicators for those long podcasts.
  • Customizable color themes to match your style.
  • Send song info to friends to share your tastes.

Get it now because the beta may not be free forever!

7 Responses to “Free BlackBerry music manager Unsynced updates beta”

  1. 1 Ted Livingston

    Thanks for the post guys! we really appreciate the support. For those of you considering downloading, this is also the version we submitted to app store today. We want to get it through app store (ugg, 5-10 business day approval) before doing a site update and full launch so we get all the traffic we can. The app is now quite incredible (for example, trying making a playlist with auto preview), so please enjoy and let us know what you think!


  2. 2 BlackBerryCool (BlackBerry Cool)

    Free BlackBerry music manager Unsynced updates beta

  3. 3 luca35101056 (luca cuchi)

    Free BlackBerry music manager Unsynced updates beta

  4. 4 ZoeLEarp (Zoe Earp)

    @JMarkyBB RT @BlackBerryCool: Free BlackBerry music manager Unsynced updates beta

  5. 5 m1

    I don’t get it. How is this better than the integrated media player that comes with my blackberry? I tried it out and am not really seeing the benefit.

    I was able to install this on my sprint tour btw.

  6. 6 Peter M.

    unfortunately i was getting a lot of lag…i assume it’s downloading the album cover? All my albums have the album covers anyway. Dunno i like certain parts of the look, but the lagginess definitely is hurting it. Unforunately i uninstalled it.

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