New and improved dual screen theme by Elecite

Elecite have dropped a new theme and it looks great while providing functionality too. The latest theme is called Opus and it provides you with multiple sets of customizable icons.

With Opus, you get the benefits of dual-screen animation but faster and smoother. All of the icons except the top 5 are customizable.

This is a premium theme like all of the Elecite themes, and they’re offering a special promotion with this launch. The first 200 customers get 30% off by entering the coupon code “opus” during checkout.

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Purchase the Opus theme for $6.99.

Try some some classic Elecite themes, all selling for $6.99, such as:

The first dual screen theme, Eerie, for those looking for a theme with a rock and roll feeling.

iBerry is the original BlackBerry turned iPhone theme.

Ulterior is an Alienware theme for the gamers out there.

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  1. 1 Ben

    the link for the Opus theme is incorrect. It should be
    The “O” needs to be capitalized i guess. Never seen a case sensitive URL before…

  2. 2 BlackBerryCool (BlackBerry Cool)

    New and improved dual screen theme by Elecite

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