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Slacker Radio Update to 2.0.45



Slacker has updated their software for the rest of the BlackBerry users to match the goodies seen on the Storm! One of the best features included in this latest update is that the battery life has been greatly improved while streaming music.

Here is a breakdown of the features you’ll find in the latest update:

  • Improved battery life up to 2x (over previous versions) while streaming
  • Improved usability enhancements to the interface, including a “Home” button to quickly access the station list
  • Added ability to toggle the explicit content filter (on/off) from the main menu
  • Addressed an issue where pausing a song for an extended period of time did not properly resume playback
  • Addressed an issue where phone calls or message alerts would prevent playback from resuming properly for some listeners

Download Slacker for your BlackBerry now!


BlackBerry user poll: what iPhone apps would you like for BlackBerry?


storm and iphone

The developer community around the iPhone is fairly different from that of the BlackBerry developer community in that iPhone developers have OpenGL at their disposal, allowing them to create visually rich applications, as well as as the marketplace and demographics are slightly different. While the BlackBerry Storm is capable of running OpenGL hardware-wise, we have yet to see the API’s unlocked.

Lets assume for a moment, and this might be a crazy assumption, that BlackBerry had OpenGL API’s (possibly with the Storm 2?), and that any iPhone app you see could be ported to BlackBerry. For this to be true, we would also need to see device memory increase, as well as perhaps a built-in compass.

With those assumptions, and there may be a few more, what applications have you seen for iPhone, that you would like for BlackBerry? Or rather, what are your favorite iPhone apps that aren’t available for BlackBerry?

Here are some that I would like to see, and they’re mostly for entertainment. I’m sure there are a ton of apps out there in various categories so share what you find.
Click through for a list of 10 cool iPhone apps that aren’t available for BlackBerry

Free Mobile Minutes Tracker for BlackBerry by Pageonce saves money



Mobile Minutes Tracker by Pageonce is now available free in BlackBerry App World.

The app gives the user the ability to monitor their phone bill and keep track of their balance, usage, as well as receive alerts.

Features of Mobile Minutes Tracker by Pageonce include:

  • View current minute balance, rollover minutes, data plan, SMS use, billing cycle, and previous payments on a single page
  • Receive alerts when you reach 90% of your limit or when bill is due
  • Breakdown information by family member
  • View the phone bill directly from Mobile Minute Tracker

Get Mobile Minutes Tracker free in BlackBerry App World.


Viigo launches microblogging for enterprise users with StatusNet



Viigo has introduced a secure, mobile microblogging service for enterprise in conjunction with StatusNet support. This may be the first of its kind.

If you aren’t familiar with StatusNet, it’s basically a Twitter for corporate users. It’s a free, Open Source, microblogging platform where users can exchange 140 character messages either over the public Internet, or securely via a corporate Intranet.

While corporate Twitter accounts are generally very reserved due to brand and legal considerations, microblogging does mean more collaboration which makes it ideal for enterprise. By creating a secured microblogging service, companies can leverage the power of microblogging services, without worrying about the security implications.

For more information visit, the Viigo Enterprise Solutions page.


BlackBerry game Pixelated Plus now for the BlackBerry Tour 9630



Pixelated Plus is a strategy/puzzle game where you have to change the squares until the whole screen is a single solid color.

To play, use the buttons on the bottom of the screen to change the color of the square in the upper left hand corner and those surrounding it. Changing this square to the color of those around it, allows it to slowly grow until it fills the entire screen. The ultimate goal is to do so in as few moves as possible.

Pixelated Plus costs $2.99 on App World on is now available for the BlackBerry Tour 9630.


eBay pre-release BlackBerry devices are a waste of money



Here at BlackBerry Cool, we have had our share of pre-release BlackBerry devices in the office. While it’s fun to play with the device and get an idea of the form factor, the software hasn’t been through the requisite testing and is usually very buggy. The OS is generally outdated and overall, it’s a very limited version of what you will get when the device comes to market.

A company on eBay is currently offering two pre-release BlackBerry devices: the BlackBerry Storm 2 and the BlackBerry Bold 9700 (listed as the BlackBerry Onyx).

The above image is a screencap of the BlackBerry Bold 9700 listing and it shows just how ridiculous this listing is. The image shows the 9700 with a trackball. We know the device will be shipping with a trackpad and if you were to purchase this device you would be seriously missing out. Currently, the item’s highest bid is at US $1,625.00.

The BlackBerry Storm 2 is currently bidding at US $1,125.00 and it’s looking like it might be a scam. While the seller has a great seller’s rating, the item uses a picture from Engadget. The only other image attached to the auction looks like a mess of wires. If the user was serious about this sale, you would think they would take the time to post a proper picture as in the case of the 9700 listing. Again, with this purchase you are going to miss out on what could be a great device. A touchscreen BlackBerry such as the Storm 2 will have to go through an incredibly rigorous testing period as the accelerometer and new UI adds more levels of complexity. Buying this device before it’s ready for market will be a complete waste of your hard earned money.

I’m not even going to link to the eBay auction out of principle.