Visible Vote for BlackBerry now with Twitter support


Visible Vote has been updated with new features. For those who aren’t familiar with the app, Visible Vote allows you to write congress personal letters from your Blackberry, as well as vote on issues your legislators are voting on. It’s the ultimate democratic BlackBerry app.

Recently, 2 new features have been added to the application:

1. Twitter Integration. Visible Vote will take you directly to Legislators Twitter pages if they have one.
2. State Vote Tallies — You can now view the vote tallies for each state inside the bills. These are calculated every weekend.

Visible Vote is going really strong with over 44,000 users! Lets keep it up and help increase visibility and democracy in America.

Download Visible Vote free for your BlackBerry.

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  1. 1 Darrell C.

    Blackberry is the best phone I have had other but none stands up to them . And with Blackberry and Twitter you can’t go wrong . I love my Tour , had the curve before this one , and several others.

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