LaterDude Pro updated with more cool features

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Our buddy Fabian has updated the LaterDude Pro App and there are some cool new features.

Here is what’s new in version 2.1.06:

  • Set Events not only to the Calendar App but also to the Task App
  • Set the due-date of the Task Event
  • You are now able to set the standard length of an Event
  • Option to show the whole email body or just the subject in the Notes field
  • Free Trial Version where you can start the app 10 times
  • Help Text included in the Application
  • More pre-set reminder times added to select from
  • Menu now only visible in the following Menus: Call Log, Messages, Text Messages, Contacts
  • Many bugs fixed

For those not familiar with the app, LaterDude Pro is an application that reminds you to call, SMS or email someone by integrating with your native calendar. After installing the app, you always have the reminder options available to you in the menus.

Purchase LaterDude Pro for $1.11 until September 8th.

  • Fabian
    Wait for the next version, it allows you to select if yuo want it to display everywhere or just in the specific apps.
  • Joe
    I installed this version 2.1.06 however the ONLY way I can invoke is from the Call Log, Messages, SMS, or Contacts!

    How can I downgrade?
  • webchetan (webchetan)
    RT @BlackBerryCool: LaterDude Pro updated with more cool features
  • BlackBerryCool (BlackBerry Coo
    LaterDude Pro updated with more cool features
  • Rey
    You cannot do a "later, dude" attitude on this app. You gotta get it asap,dude :) it's a great one. Thanks Fabian!
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