BlackBerry rumors: three upcoming devices plus 16 more in 2010



Salomondrin has a blog now and is paving the way to be the next BGR. He has managed to leak both the Storm 2 and the 9700 fairly effectively on the net, spreading his videos across multiple users to at least slow down RIM legal from pulling them. He has even suggested a method of preventing a leak from being pulled from YouTube.

Sal points to the following three upcoming BlackBerry devices as rumored to be launching soon:

1) Blackberry Essex

According to Sal, this device is a 3G/CDMA/WiFi version of the already released Blackberry Tour 9630. The device comes with a trackpad, which seems to be standard on all of RIM’s latest devices. Sal also hints at a “little extra surprise” that we will like.

2) Blackberry 9100 A.K.A. Striker

While the codename is too early to be confirmed in any way, and there isn’t much to say about this device, it’s still exciting to hear rumors that the Pearl lineup will get an update. The 9100 is rumored to come with 3G and of course, a trackpad. It is apparently slimmer than the Bold 9700.

3) Blackberry Curve 8530

This is the CDMA version of the 8520 and is expected to be announced “really soon.”

Another interesting rumor is that RIM will be releasing 16 new devices in 2010. The Essex is rumored to launch in Q1 of 2010, so this will likely be a part of this 16. It’s anyone’s guess what the other devices will be. Hopefully, RIM will bring some interesting new features to the table, rather than just tweak the form factor.

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