2009 $100,000 BlackBerry Developer Challenge: Last of the finalists selected

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BlackBerry Partners Fund has announced the last four finalists in the 2009 BlackBerry Developer Challenge. A total of sixteen finalists were selected over the past four months, each of which will vie for the US$100,000 grand prize package at the BlackBerry Developers Conference in November.

The final four of sixteen include:

  • 7digital Music Store (by DevelopIQ): 7digital Music Store lets users browse the latest music charts, preview the latest tracks and discover, purchase and download high quality, DRM-free MP3 music directly to a BlackBerry smartphone. The software also comes with an integrated advanced media player that imports your existing playlists and music files.
  • FileScout (by Privateer): FileScout is a file manager for your BlackBerry device. In addition to its core functionality, the software allows users to search for files, send any file by Bluetooth or as an email attachment, and open media files including pictures, movies and music files.
  • ProOnGo Expense with Receipt Reader (by ProOnGo LLC): ProOnGo Expense with Receipt Reader lets users track mileage and expenses right from their BlackBerry. ProOnGo allows users to take a snapshot of their bill with the device camera and export expenses to Excel or QuickBooks.
  • ShoZu (by ShoZu): ShoZu enables mobile users to upload photos and videos to over 50 different destinations, update statuses on Twitter and Facebook and view comments and posts on those images.

For more info on the challenge and the fund visit blackberrypartnersfund.com

  • Rhonda
    Yeah I looked all over for this info on their site but found nothing? Weren't they supposed to announce this today???
  • Chris
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