BlackBerry Storm 2 aka Odin launch details roundup


Verizon Storm 2 - 9550

We have heard all manner of launch dates for the Storm 2 9520 and the Storm 2 9550 (or should I call it the Storm2?).

For Verizon, we are seeing the BlackBerry Storm 9550 rumored to launch October 21st. This rumor comes from an internal Verizon email that was leaked showing a launch date for the Storm 2 to be October 21st.

There is also some evidence pointing towards a Storm2 launch for October 28th. This is loosely based on some Verizon BOGO material that was leaked. At the very least, we know that when the device launches, the carrier is pushing a very intense sales campaign with it. On a side note, does anyone else think writing Storm2 vs Storm 2 looks a little silly? It could easily be mistaken for a typo.

The Vodafone Storm 2 9520 seems to be launching about the same time as Verizon. While we haven’t seen many internal leaks on the subject, we are seeing a lot of promo materials going up in preparation.

Overall, these things tend to get delayed for any number of reasons and I would be really surprised if the carrier, being a giant cumbersome organization where the left hand doesn’t talk to the right hand, could actually peg a date and stick to it.

The 21st is a reasonable date, but could easily be pushed back closer to the end of the month.


  • Marvin

    Any news on Bell/Telus in Canada?

  • Marvin

    Any news on Bell/Telus in Canada?